i wanna come too :'(


for the first time in 6 years, i am hating Islamabad..infact my presence in this city..I SO want to be in karachi 😦 the idea of all my e-buddies meeting there without me in their midst, is making my lacrimal glands twitch..i am too heartsick to (even) talk about it (imagine that)



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  1. @safi
    *sigh* i know sunshine..but its easier-said-than-done case

    awwwww..thankyou,,,,,,,at least i got an invite *wiping tears of gratitude*
    oy do make sure that all of you write posts about it afterwards, (if not live coverage of the event)okay?…

  2. bad……many times it happened there was some bloggers’ get-to-gethers in LHR and i couldn’t join them sometimes, due to my own engagements and sometimes their odd timings. Dont feel bad…wesay bhi unko kiya maza aiye ga teray bagair 😀

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