Can any one of you losers out there make me a Larkay wali for a change?!!! Man,I hate crying :/


so Leena is getting married..i am both excited & sad..sad only because that’s whats expected of larki walas,,, isn’t it?long faces, teary eyes, stuffy noses?…though I only fit the first condition..and umm that too is partly genetic 😉 but my heart is all prayery prayery at the moment…I will not pray for a perfect painless married life, because that would be an unrealistic prayer ( NOT that I doubt God’s ability to answer impossible sounding prayers, tauba tauba, its only a strategy to save oneself the feeling of betrayal when a prayer goes unanswered) …so I wish her a really happy married life with P(?), there would be lil tiny painful moments too but InshAllah the happy ones will overshadow them like a full blown solar eclipse…errr plz do keep in mind that sun is symbolizing sorrow in this twisted analogy

Ok,nuff of it…now to some quick unsolicited advice..stay happy, don’t get homesick over there, and DON’T fight too red-hennamuch with my behnoi, take turns in being the first one to apologize (i.e once its him, second time its you irrespective of the technicalities i.e whose fault was it) try to visit your parents as often as you can (if old aunties are to be believed children are like cement binding their parents together…with cement in another country one can only imagine what would be the state of the bulding err parents I mean)

*sigh* apparently the advice section was weird-er than the prayers one…I only hope the sentiment was conveyed..and before tomatoes & eggs are hurled my way let me blame it on lateness of is 3.20 am

PS: whenever I meet a dula dulhan I try to figure who was luckier to have the this case it was P bhayi..he is the luckier of you two to have you as his better half..(hey now don’t call me biased for givng the verdict without even meeting him…it would have been the same either way)


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  1. awwwww sweet…thanks jan 🙂 i am smiling ear to ear right now. i am not talking to ur behnoi these days but i surely plan to make him read this as soon as i can. after all everyone aint as lucky to have buddies like you 🙂

  2. Ohh leeena is still gonna be Karachi Wali? 😉

    Praying all the best in her life IA .. and hoping that both of them prove to be lucky for each other 🙂

    ps: I hope leena doesnt put this much mehndi 😛

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