Haqeeqat-e-ghurbat kuch itni bhi karwi nahin


Is it just me or there is something really fascinating about the life of people lying in the lower middle class stratum…I saw a family on a motorbike today.. a young woman holding tightly to her husband and a cute smiling child seated happily in the enclosure of his father’s arms…and the sight transported me to a world of small-sized but abundant happiness-es…where you celebrate things like getting a forced discount of 15 rupees on daily vegetable purchase, moving into a one-bedroom basement in downtown, upgrade from bike to Suzuki mehran, an increment of 1500 rupees in your spouse’s salary, and so on….and all of a sudden, I felt cheated out of these simple pleasures…
I shared the feeling with my sisters and they laughed at me, calling me “na-shukri”…but dunno i am still weirdly attracted to that form of REAL hard life….and yes it has its perks too..after a domestic fight your spouse cant stay away from you for extended period of time, because as soon as you guys have to visit someone or go shopping for a whining kid, you will be back together on that little bike, fused together like a single mould, holding on for dear dear life

bike family


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  1. Hahaha…

    Tell me about ghurbat…. or dont, I just realized! I M POOR!

    Let me tell you something, IT SUCKS!!!

    The only thing good about being poor is that your needs and drives are very immediate and you dont have to shake mountains to fulfill them. You fill good cuz you can fulfill them.

    When you are rich you wants are more loong term and difficult to obtain. and you really have to put in a little extra to fulfill them. Thats why you feel crappy when you should nt be feeling crappy. As a poor guy, you ARE crappy.

  2. lol @ farooq

    @ pinky’s post
    oh well i guess looking at poor people makes u realize how lucky you are to have wat u perhaps never even asked for. we just dont thank Allah enough

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