kuch tu hoa hai, kuch ho gaya hai ;)


Sorry guys for not posting regularly…my mom was down with typhoid and since she is confined to bed, all household burden has been shifted to my delicate shoulders…now my father always discourages my presence in kitchen..and my mother who disagrees with his policy & is often found retaliating with furious mutterings featuring laments & admonitions like “you have totally spoiled her”“look at her, good for nothing except talking” “how will she manage her own kitchen?!” “fine!your malnourished grandkids will look like rotting breadsticks”  leaving me and baba rolling our eyes…

baba  probably considers me a threat to myself and the whole neighbournood (including his own important self)..and firein all fairness I cant blame him..even if we ignore the poisonous nature of food cooked by me, my clumsiness with fire can easily set alight a raging inferno, aided and abetted by my 3meter dupattas… so it was a bit of surprise when he scolded me for not preparing soup for my ailing mom….i was like huh? Are you really asking ME to cook? Like with fire and everything?..to which he scolded me a bit more for making light of a serious situation and for ignoring orders 🙄

salmonella-typhi Funny how a tiny Salmonella typhi in my mother’s digestive tract bought about a change in my father’s years old approach…*cough*


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