with winter around the corner


Important note: this post was prompted by sheer boredom so if you value your time you better not continue..oh but your scoffing indicates that had that been the case you wouldnt have been here in the first place :/ Whatever!!!.. though someone constantly reminds me that i am not cool enough to pull off a whatever…W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R!! 😀

My live form will die instead of admitting that once in a while it also engages in something as girly as dress designing..which in case of 90% of the girls involve ripping off styles of some hapless designer, which in turn involes changing the colours or a bit of remixing with another design of some other designer,,, world wide web playing the role of a valuable accomplice in this regard…

now i am very much into bright colours…so much so that even winters cant damp my enthusiasm for vivid loud colours…while everyone around me is dressed in muted tones i am still found prancing around in cherry reds, tangerine oranges, really shocking pinks and so on…deeply offending my baba’s aesthetic sense…so this year i am thinking of making peace with the family..no,  i wont altogether abort my jashn-e-baharan variety, i will just fuse them with gray, black waghaira…

i dont like Paris’ dressing sense but she is looking kind of cute in the following one..

grey, red, off white

and these two looks are just too mouth watering for me…to think i can look this way (well almost 😉 but can’t, is TOO depressing..ah well sacrifices one makes for one’s religion (read fear of being delimbed by daddy)Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-Fall09-1

Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-Fall09-2and i am definitely going for this military look..even if its with a shalwar kameez,.. we do have shalwar kameez-clad Frontier constabulary after all..



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  1. @farooq

    aye hayeee, bara pata chalta hai tumhain, “light shades of pink” kia scene hai bhae? 😉
    and well black looks good on nearly everyone..girl, boy..young,old

  2. Paris…just sucks 😡

    And the military oufit, you are right , it would look good on any winter fabric. Let’s try it 🙂

    wesay high jangi boots are really cool

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