trying my hand at investigative journalism :D


adolescent girls are THE most vulnerable creatures..yes, even more than low-flying mosquitoes and downtrodden ants..cant say about the political parties and average pakistani citizen( including me) but my youngest sis is over the moon about Blackwater’s (alleged) presence in Islamabad…oooohh, they would look like Deltas too, right? (sic)

BHDby the way, read the tagline in the poster; LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND…how subtle *shudders*


and as for Blackwater, i firmly trust our Government’s position on this one, i believe,for once,  they are telling the truth; Blackwater is not operating in pakistan…simply because it has changed its name to Xe..



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  1. this blackwater deal sucks. If we keep letting these goras come into our country with their weapons and all, soon enough, well be physically trapped as well just like the middle east.

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