‘sick’ leave


yeah & i am about as sick as an average applicant who requests it 😉
well its unpreventable since i failed to meet 2 of my own, MY. OWN, deadlines to cover some subjects!!!…i mean what kind of jerk fails his/her own ultimatum (which (as my emphasis on “own” might tell you) was set forth keeping in mind my capacity (or lack thereof ))…oh it looks like a serious case of d**rrhe* of brackets…erm farooq, are we related?
hence, i thought i should get lost for a while…(yeah, knowing me it would barely last 2 days)..i have lost the (remaining) balance of mind while trying to keep track of current affairs…honestly, our batch is so unlucky!!!…elections in HALF of the WORLD took place this year :/ keeping track of all this **** is so taxing….i just finished bookmarking 30 or so news items for iran nukes, iran elections, afghan war, afghan elections, iran nukes, (thank God, no elections there), Somali pirat–, OYE WAIT, YOU GUYS CAN HELP ME TOO!!!!! that is if you want to….just keep track on at least one story for me…then just send me the bookmarked links at the end of the month..@one link a day???…divide developing stories like Kerry-lugar bill, war against Taliban in pakistan, withdrawal of US troops from iraq_kiya khoya kiya paya etc etc..brilliant idea na!!!

nah, forget it..dont want to burden my lovely friends, my devoted, sympathetic buddies *desperately trying some reverse psychology*

nahin, mazak k elawa..dont worry..its my own little war


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