Phobia phobic


UFFFFF, its a new in-thing or what..everyone around me is talking about phobias…these phobias (real or imaginary) are spreading like an epidemic, almost as if they are contagious!!..seriously, had hoti hai…the other day someone mentioned, she was nyctophobic (fearful of darkness) and i clenched my fists to prevent myself from pulling her hair out…the most oft-quoted of these fashionable illnesses are, claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces), aviophobia (fear of flying), acrophobia (fear of heights), necrophobia (fear of death)…now the people who ARE suffering from these phobias should demonstrate symptoms like palpitation, dizziness,hot or cold flashes or something of the sort..but unsurprisingly our prevailant phobics exhibit none of the above symptoms..apart from hyper activity in the tongue region leading to contionous blabbering about one’s imagined illness(es) without paying slightest attention to audience’s distress….

now the conformist in me is itching to invent suitable phobias for myself…Ergophobia_fear of work, kinda sounds nice to me, can even lead to chhutti from kitchen for the rest of my life!!!! (though it can backfire if someone uses it as an excuse for not letting me work outside the home–hmmm)..Hoplophobia(fear of weapons) can also inject some much needed feminity into my general image..err but then so can 2-darjan chooriyan……now Ligyrophobia(fear of loud noise) sounds pretty fascinating to feigning this sickness i can avoid all the unpleasant aunties in the world πŸ˜€ WAIT, what if my family duct tapes my own mouth first????? Nahhh, not gonna happen..

hence proved i am just phobia phobic…hell yeah, fear of fear, it even has a subtle macho theme going for it πŸ˜‰

feartearimportant note: Fear of God and fear of His punishment (in the event of our disobedience) can be quite a useful tool in bringing your tendencies priorities under control…even this note was prompted by author’s re-discovery of God’s fear in herself (such miracles always occur when she is nearing exams and requires Divine intervention(s))


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  1. haha πŸ˜€ hilarious post ever….ye waqt bhi ana tha ppl brag about their weaknesses as prides. I seriously get irritated when my sister teases me by saying that I have Hypegiaphobia 😐

    btw did you catch the missed headlines?

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