Tago part 1

  • 10 years ago,in a school fun fair, i was told by someone that i will die young because she saw some tell tale (invisible) mark on my ears…the fact that she was a palmist (who normally deal with hands not ears) AND the fact that i never even showed my palms to her, slightly diminished the value of her prophecy…but not a day goes by without a replay of this scene in my mind…(oohhh perhaps that was her game? killing me by drivng me nuts..aah haan)
  • i..uh..i..um..i use reverse psychology a lot..like if i say nobody missed me when i was gone, (40% of the time)i actually want you to contradict me…sadly it doesnt work most of the time..either people are too smart or just plain dumb..
  • nobody loves me *wink wink*
  • i love sugarcane juice, “raw”…i miss, oh how i miss, the fruit market of Multan cantt…and its never ending supply of sugarcanes…(i also love the small sugarcane peeled pieces, we call them gandhairee in saraiki)..yummy
  • i am dead afraid of being kidnapped…i know i know it sounds terribly bollywoodish..but i just am :/
  • years ago mommy forced us to chose a hobby..my sister opted for stamp collection and i went for_________keyring collection!!! one of the DUMBEST things i have ever done!!!.. every male relative took one for his car keys, & every female took one for her cupboard…i am left with 16,17 left overs
  • i am scared of grave and the grave-related insects…but as you can see, my fear isnt of much help..i am making myself more delicious for those wee mites wth every passing second of my life..IDEA!!!! i’ll leave a will instructing people to inject my dead body with DDT so that those suckers die too, or at least get a headache..Haa, some revenge from beyond the grave eh? :mrgreen:
  • i dont want to die without doing a hajj and without boarding a sea-liner…(see, how my deen-o-dunya go hand in hand with each other…i can go for a  hajj on a cruise-liner 😀 )
  • it takes one original joke to turn me into a leech friend…all of you earned the privilege of my friendship bcoz of your sense of humour (except perhaps safi)
  • i like the idea of martyrdom…no, not the one where you blow up other people by blowing your useless smelly icky guts….martyrdom as in doing your job so honestly that bad people feel threatened enough to eliminate you…ultimate compliment in my opinion..
  • i have a slightly  err alluring voice 😉 honestly
  • i LOVE ajraks!!! i have 3 at the moment..



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  1. gannay ka juice! gandairi! awesome!
    The other day I was walking on I I Chundrigar road and saw this juice wala and his customers around while he was busing extracting juice from sugarcanes… and I dont know how I resisted the urge in me to taste it. Missed the feeling of drinking it in those dirty glasses when in peshawar.. sigh

  2. hai na?..pity this hepatitis thing has freaked us out & we can no longer enjoy the rairhee delights..and you call it gandairi too? i guess its a urdu word then…

    • LOL!!!..no, i meant, you understood gandairee, and you are from peshawar and saraiki isnt exactly understood over there..so it must have been a generic word..

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