a lesser known phenomenon


You must have heard about or observed or demonstrated various shopping behaviours..like impulsive buying, or being tricked into buying by a forceful shopkeeper, or depression-induced-though-simultaneously-depression-curing shopping waghair waghaira….but I can safely bet my 3 years old Motorolla razr V3 that none of you has ever heard of malice-induced venomous shopping..(er No, I am not talking about that shopping which is prompted by the urge to milk one’s husband dry to deter him from spending anything on his parents or siblings)…

now that I have generated some semblance of suspense (I hope), let me pounce at the chance to tell you the grisly details

while I dont have a walk-in closet, I have quite enough  clothes in my cupboard (judging by the way they always fall on me everytime I open the damn thing)..but I have this marvelous habit of wearing mismatched clothes at home,much to my mother chagrin…and it doesn’t end there..i wear them for so long that they start feeling like my skin..and by the time I am done with them, they are so worn out that maids threaten to quit if my mom even hints at giving them my joraz…hehe..

even more disturbing is my custom of going to markets in these threadbare clothes (unless ofcourse I am accompanied by my details-sensitive dad)..my mum has cajoled me, warned me, threatened me, even requested me to at least try to go out in a less alarming & slightly more presentable form…but I always maintain since I am not looking for a rishta from the ppl on the road, they don’t lie in the fearsome category of my future susraliz..so why bother?…confronted by such powerful logic she often surrenders 😉

oh ok, so where were we? Yeah..venomous shopping…so yours truly enters this crowded shop in a bara market ,and finds herself a seat, she asks about the prices of some soft-to-touch, ready-to-be-her-skin linen kapra and the bored to death shopkeeper replies with monosyllables…until she asked about some (what was the name?)boski or sth ..he x-rayed her and almost smirked at her cotton shirt and georgette shalwar…and the sod did NOT even reply!!!…my mom’s warnings started ringing in my ears, barely controlling my anger I asked again…his lips curled up in a crooked smile, he said #### rupees..the print was nice but it wasn’t that nice…but my ego, or what was left of it was braying for action…so I ordered him to cut it for me…now I am left with a carpet-texture stuff whose true value can only be appreciated by a Siberian…

but at least that wiped off his smirk


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  1. Actually… I ve had several bad encounters with ISB shopkeepers… They are rude and dont know the first thing about selling stuff!

    This one time, I went shopping with my mom and this ass talks to her like she is some begger of the street! Says “bibi lena hai tou lo, warna duffa ho” or something like this. I got really pissed at the attitude, called my brothers and had a ‘chat’ with him, asked him to apologize, then gave him a thousand bucks to treat the next customer ‘cordially’… The look on his face was priceless.

    Khair my point was, thise and several other instances has led me to believe that shopkeepers in ISB/Rawalpindi have an attitude problem, that or they seriously dont want to sell their stuff!

  2. and people i have a request..
    i would appreciate if any one of you can do obituary, i mean tributary style post for our dear friend Hira..i wouldnt have outsourced this but i just wasted my quota for blogging on the above post..i have a major quiz this saturday and even if i attempt a post,i wouldnt be able to do justice to Hira’s considerable talents in a hurriedly written post…

    please, please, pleases, do respond to it faourably

    meri ammi bemar hain, meray chhotay chhotay bachay hain, meray ghar main chulha na—–Oops, i thought i was attempting css paper 😉

  3. LOL!yeah maybe..but he didnt appear to be a brainy type
    and why havnt you volunteered for Hira wali post? 😡 your exams are over, right?

  4. That was stoopid! 😛

    I would’ve spat on his cloth and left. Okay, not really. But I woulda made fun of his shop and driven him nuts. Hmmm…okay no, not that either. I…would’ve…just left the shop. 😀

  5. Lolz … this post makes me realize why lahori bazars are full of chicks usually 😛 Probably to boost the image that we’ve got cash too. In Islamabad, I’ve hardly seen anyone with eye liner and lipstick both whilst roaming around in market.. Haa. And I love it.

    Sorry for going astray on topic. Post a pic of the fabric, I can give you dozens of ideas. Probably make trousers and Long coat with it .. like the kashmiri karhayi coats .. they look amazing 🙂

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