Dreams, Realities & Suicide bombers


Have you ever had a dream so perfect in every sense & every detail that when you wake up you feel sorely crushed and eager to go back to sleep, to recatch that dream from where you left, but sleep evades your eyes? and so you are condemned to reality, banished from fantasy, at least until you drift back to unconsciousness….sometimes i wish dreams were inherently more horrible than the actual realities..it could have indirectly induced some semblance of contentment, and might have helped in reconciling us with the truths, especially the absolute ones…
but then i realize that whole purpose of sleep & rest would have been wasted…the prospect of working the whole day, going to bed only to be chased around by foul vampires and grisly ghosts and suicide bombers, bedwetting your whole life, really doesnt sound like a good idea…unless one works for some detergent company or anti-sleeping pills manufacturer 😉


Islamabad police shot dead a suicide bomber who alighted from a car, chanted Allah-o-Akbar and was fast approaching the police check post to detonate himself when he was shot dead after a warning…good shot i say..hearty congratulations to the policeman standing alert on his duty..who probably prevented the loss of 7 policemen deployed at that checkpost…but do you know what a major newspaper of Pakistan has to say about it?

But knowledgeable circles here have raised some questions about the police claim.At most of the checkpoints in Islamabad at least one policeman is armed with an AK-47 automatic rifle, but hardly anyone has seen a ‘sharpshooter’ at any of the posts.

i think the “knowledgeble circles” is a euphemism for these media goons themselves..the *#@&^% are challenging the authenticity of the incident!!!!!UNBELIEVABLE…had the bomber been successful, they would have been cursing the inept, lazy constables,, convenintly blaming their corpses for security lapse…but now when they have managed to avert a blast, they are still being doubted?!?! its like lose-lose situation for police either way…not even a slight murmur of thanks, not even a single word of encouragement…

this is criminally unfair!




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  1. the cops are doing a lotta work lately. they stop you to check you and dont ask for bribes for a change. there’s a lotta pressure on them, theyre the first line of defence, and well as the target, imagine that.

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