Gori Gori Sarah


a friend phoned me last night and following conversation took place

friend: yaar aik baat share karni hai..per pehle promise karo hanso ge nahin
me:hmm..ok, Promise!
friend: yaar a guy in my class said “you are just like Sarah palin”
me: *stiffling laughter already*
friend: i was just wondering if thats a compliment..i mean, i know she isnt famous for brains..but she is sorta pretty, nahin?
me:*laughing hysterically*

i cant help but admire the cheeky guy, not everyone is blessed with the ability of making an insult sound like a compliment :mrgreen:


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  1. Lady… its a compliment through and through! Good looks and no brains go a long way in this world.

    And someone wise once said…

    “Achi qismat mango, Ziyada aqal nahi.” And good looking people have all the luck in the world!

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