Ground realitease


Indeed, United Nations inspectors may have lots of rights written by ambassadors between their long lunches in New York, but on the ground in Iraq and elsewhere, outside some of the most heavily guarded facilities on the planet, these inspectors have only blue hats, cameras and pencils. The other guys have guns, and they determine the real limits of inspection activities.____Charles A Duelfer, deputy chairman of UN inspections in Iraq for seven years

Likewise, in theory,girls in our part of the world have a lot of say on subject matter of in whom (not) to marry & when, but in practice, eventually its the ever-concerned parents who are  gonna prevail because they know whats best for their tyke wee tots (who despite 2 and half decades safely under the belt are considered slightly  unequipped for the given issue as they possess only a lil bookish knowledge and of course books are insufficient when it comes to real, worldly matters, plus they (the books) dont come with L’oreal grey chic hair dye)  and because there is more honour in marriages arranged by parents..

not that i am complaining or anything 😉

oh and Eid mubarak 😀


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