A walk in the Capital park


it was after a gap of about a month that i got the chance to visit the park..so i thought why not take my old camera with me to get me some momentos in case it takes even longer to visit it again :/

thats our car on the right side πŸ™‚ What? why would i lie? its not exactly a Mercedes benz, is it? plus its err official anyway..oh and this pic was about the trees and the Margalla hills..islamabad IS lovely πŸ˜›

following one shows the only desolate corner in the park..ignore the grass..usually its lush green, i guess the winter frost damaged it :/

Ah..i like this one..it depicts the reason why i find the parks so endearing …no segregation of rich and poor..not reserved for the privileged class only..no exclusive membership (which reminds me, someone told me that theΒ  going rate to get Islamabad Club’s membership is 6 lac rupees!! that too With approach)

ohhhh i love this jeep..though i would prefer a military green shade..i remember my youngest mamoo had one..once we rode in that after a rain..and we came home dripping with mud, looking like amphibious commandoes sans muscles

the lonely moon…must be heartbreaking to follow someone jo kisi aur k chakkar main hai…hehe..ok that was lame

this pic is lame itself :/

time to go home

when i dont have a camera on me, the sun brings all kinds of beautiful crimson, magenta, bluish hues to the damn clouds…but when i am actually clicking away, it causes the same old dull gold glow (wow,” same old dull gold glow” repeat that five times in quick succession!!..tongue twister by me πŸ˜€

fine Sun! i wasnt after your colours anyway, i am into silhouette photography!


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