Going through the “notes” (God, i hate word and the undue significance attached to them by other candidates as if they are some divine guarantee for success) bestowed on me by the academy, i came across some ‘Donts’.one of them was “NEVER WRITE ANYTHING AGAINST IDEOLOGY OF PAKISTN OR FOUNDING FATHERS”.it got me thinking..what exactly constitutes anti[pakistan or partion leaders] stuff? erm anything which is NOT easy on the ears,was my frst guess..Great, i thought, all i have to do in the exam is, to speak aloud each sntence before transferring it to the paper and risk being thrown out of the examination hall.Dont get me wrong, i wasnt planning to write anything aganst the ideology of pakistan one of the countless crazy, wacky patriots who defend everything Pakistani (with or (mostly) without logic) but stutter when confronted with “why do you love Pakistan? and hide behind pure gems of reasoning & logic like “you dont need a reason to love your mom, do you?”, i am biasedly incapable of committing such a sacrilege (come to think of it, perhaps the lack of proper understanding of two-nation theory might also be a contributing factor)

but it still bothered me a will be purely at examiner’s discretion to brand some argument as anti-pakistan and withhold marks for it (or award zero for it, if he is really nasty right-winger) :/

but on second thought, even without the additional angle of blasphemy, the marking IS totally at the examiner’s discretion..i rest my case (or lack thereof) πŸ˜‰

ps: in case you are still wondering MPA stands for Master of Pointless Arguments :mrgreen:

do click on this pic to view some Pakistans very own transforming robots..hehe


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  1. Oh yar, that picture made me crack up so bad (never good to laugh at the office)

    And God, i was planning on the EXAM 2010 too… phir shaadi wadi ka chakker ho gaya. I have a lot of NOTES. Manhoos things they are. I used to go to Officer’s Academy and Nova too for a while… it was only a month but I think I learnt I hate politics when I was there πŸ˜‰ good to travel the path of self discovery, eh? HAHA.

    • oh wow, the world is such a small place!!!..i attended Officer’s Academy too!! Sir Saad, Sir Atif, Sir Fida and Manzar instructed us!!
      hmm politics?? are you talking about politics among the faculty or the intra-class type? because i witnesses know Sir Fida has left this academy! :/ our’s was probably the last batch he taught..he left to join a new academy who are using his pics to advertise themselves..its not my place to judge but it was heartbreaking to see the hardwork of trio disintegratiing..poor Atif and Manzar

      hehe..dont kill me for being doubly pleased on your marriage arrangement πŸ˜‰ you would have beaten me hands-down πŸ˜€

      • Do you know Specs doesn’t like sir Fida. And she was telling me yesterday that she hates Atif too.

      • LOL, I said no such thing, Sophi πŸ˜› But yeah, I HATE Sir Atif. (does he read this blog? Er…)

        And yeah, the only ones pleased about my marriage arrangements are other people, hahaha. My parents are the no pressure type … you know ‘In thIS exam there’s only the first position. The rest are the followers. But don’t worry, of course you’ll be in the first 5, I mean how could you not? But you need to study more to be 1st.’ Er, okay Dad, thanks for the INSPIRING talk. Uff. I am SO HAPPY I’m not giving that ruddy exam!

  2. haha aray yar ye K2 k ooper urtay huay truck ki pic tu bohat hi mazay ki hai aur sabz aankho wali larki tu kamal hai πŸ˜›

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