dooooms day around the corner


just when i want my brain to function at its full capacity, it has applied (and qualified) for sick leave..

i met 2 ladies, one was an acquaintance and the other one a stranger, a really old looking woman..noticing the striking resemblance between the two, i blurted out “oh, so she is your mother, eh?”.

only she turned out to be an elder sister, elded only by 5 years!..God, what was i thinking?!..a real chaploos person like me involved in such a PR disaster? mere idea is beyond me..i mean i go out of the way to make people (specifically strangers) comfortable..even If someone is wearing just clean clothes, i declare them “well-dressed” irrespective of the quality & quantity of clothes in question..Even to the people who are aware of and resigned to their ugly-duckling-status, i point out the beauty of well-shaped nose, balanced ears and not protruding teeth.(And the effectiveness of this blatant slight exaggeration is evident from the attitude these uglies hurl my way after regaining their confidence ) even poverty-stricken people barely surviving on countable-on-pinky-finger-alone worth of necessities, leave my company feeling (and behaving) like Warren Buffett. i remember telling our sweeper about countless blessings she had, but my otherwise effective communication skills couldnt dent her skeptical demeanor.finally i added my own example for her comfort and told her how i am poor without a brother and she is richer with 6,7 brothers she worked.she started offering me condolences instead.hehe

in short, i was totally caught by surprise by this once in a life time (hopefully) PR tragedy and i am working on the damage control..

khair you guys enjoy tis video..a real traffic cop from US


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  1. LOL. Well, people ask me if i am my brother’s mom but since he and I have a 12 year difference AND he’s only turning 11, they can be forgiven. I can’t wait for the time when he’ll be 13-14 and sprout a mustache (or the beginnings of one) so he doesn’t look young enough to be MY son anymore. Hrmph.

  2. damn! this type person hurt others’ feelings actually. I look elder sister of my sis who has two kids. You wont believe whenever I go for shopping with them, shopkeepers and hawkers call me instead of my elder sis “baji apnay bachun k liaye cheezein yahan say lay lein”. I just hate them and also my sis’ smartness 😡 and especially her proud looks at the moment 😐

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