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Lots of wrong practices are associated with media.Sensationalism, stereotyping, yellow journalism to name a my search for a list of more common and less-talked about screw-ups, i came up with these

  • A needless reference to the looks of the female victim of a horrible crime like rape or murder

I am sure you must have read at least once in some urdu newspaper something like this, “Dosheeza ki boriband laash nehr se bramad” rough translation: sacked(?)corpse of a pretty woman recovered from a brook..Honestly, i have tried and failed to come up with any logical reason to mention her looks. my mom says perhaps the word is used to refer to a young girl.but even then a more decent word would be “nau-umar larki”.A serious crime took place, a human being lost her life and here reporter(s) & editor(s) are getting sadistic kicks out of someone’s extreme misfortune by mentioning the beauty of the dead body..grosssssss

(dont even get me started on the coverage of incidents of elopement.I take it the act of elopement i a kinda bilateral action, taken with mutual consent, right? otherwise if one partner is unwilling it would come under the heading of kidnapping,obviously. But most of the time, urdu newspapers portray the woman as the leading partner,if not as the sole perpetrator of the act.consider this  “fay(F) apnay ashna k sath farar”. Notice the structure of the sentence.F appears at the forefront and the helpless ashna is not even named ..awww poor meeky..Ha.All of us know that men in our part of the world are not exactly famous for their docile or even cooperative nature..not towards young women anyway. i am not generalizing but A huge chunck of them are moustache twisting macho maniacs or at the very least control freaks..Keeping this little culture background information in mind, the news can be worded as “bay (B), fay (F) ko lay urra” or if you are a proponent of gender equality “B aur F millibhagat se farar” ..Err, you got the point, right?)

thanks for covering the exhibition Irshad bhayi

  • Frequent use of irrelevant pics featuring———–women, who else?

Second and less serious but a more frequent feature of both urdu and English newspapers is close-up shots of female participants of conferences, meetings, exhibitions (basically any gathering of two or more people where gits with cameras are allowed) with immensely illuminating captions like “takreeb man shareek aik khatoon” just gives you the whole gist of the said conference,hai na..and surprise!! 99.99999% of the time, these women fulfill all the desi standards of beauty..fair complexion_check.big(preferably light coloured)eyes_check.lovely dark locks_check..i mean WTH?! Who gave them the right to treat women as eye-candy..(hmmm, I cant decide what to emphasize “women” or ‘eyecandy”..i think I should go with women)> Who gave them the right to treat women as eye-candy?..when some men are aloso blessed with printworthy physical features…ERR.uh.the point is, this needless coverage of unsuspecting bystanders (none of them is ever looking at the camera.and no I don’t think its acting, they all have this dreamy, preoccupied expression on their lovely faces, a hallmark of attentive listeners of unending speeches ) sounds unethical.if the media guys think that they are doing a great service to a dosheeza by printing her flattering pic, it is simply besides the point (even if it holds true in some cases “yayy meri akhbar main photo chhapi hai”)

In short if media wants to play a reasonable role in changing the way women are perceived and treated in this part of the world, they need to mend their ways a bit..

alright, this one prolly knows abt da camera>>

<<<the world is lucky we dont participate in beauty pageants.


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  1. LOL!
    i just wrote that in a fit of a..err question about the ills associated with our media..i am not going to launch an NGO for Prevention of Publication of Pictures of women PPPW…in fact i wouldnt mind equal representation of males in this department

  2. @safi
    just saying for the sake of gender equality..kisi k sath discrimination ho, mujh se bardasht nahin hota 😉

    hayin? wehshee?!?! 😮

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