Black pepper


a famous Arab poet Imru’al Qais described the abandoned abode of his beloved with the help of this sui generis analogy

تَرَى بَعَرَ الأرْآمِ فِي عَرَصَاتِهَ
وَقِيْعَـانِهَا كَأنَّهُ حَبُّ فُلْفُــلِ

translation: The courtyards and enclosures of her old home have become desolate;
The dung of the wild deer lies there thick as the seeds of pepper.

urdu translation is even better; “tu hirniyuon ki mengniyon ko us k sehno aur maidaano main daikhta hai, jaisay kaali mirch k daanay hon”


was strongly reminded of an old urdu teacher of mine..while dictating tashreeh of poems, she used “tashbeehat ka husn” for every goddamn poem with a tashbeeh in it..i cant help but wonder what would have been her response to the aforementioned tashbeeh 😉

couldnt resist 😉


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