Voices from Beyond


i vividly remember our trip to the British Library, London.and of all the things they had there, the ones that fascinated me were sound recordings…there were millions of them!!…baba pointed out the names of leaders i could listen to..Quaid-e-Azam’s speech was there too..but when he turned away,i immediately played the voice of Titanic’s captain..yeah, i was afterall a silly sixteen years old starry-eyed thingy.. headphones perched on my dreamy head, i stood there listening to crackling sounds, mainly indistinguishable to my ears…but that was still an experience…listening to the voices of so many dead people in one go..i think i even played Florence nightingale’s clip..hoping in vain that someone, anyone of them would communicate to me, some clue, some signal, at least a career advice ..but it was not to be :/

what prompted this flashback? actually i was just reading about Radio Pakistan.& when i read that announcement of Pakistan creation was made by the Pakistan Broadcasting service, i was overcome by the desire to hear it with my own ears…*sighhh*

update: radio Pakistan has a sound archive!! 😀 now all i have to do is find a tagri safarish to make those people cooperate with me..so, anyone with a relative/friend in radio pakistan?

though i understand if you dont want to reveal that your near and dear one(s) works for Radio Pakistan…i mean—  😉


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