yeah its a countdown.

actually i loved the ones successfully completed by my e-friends, M, Hira and Leena…so i thought why not launch one myself?..though admittedly there was a slight problem;shortage (in fact extinction) of  a mandatory dulha..err are you picturing me in red & gold, looking at the deserted road,,whisperig  guests in the background?? hehe,picture away but this countdown is about the shot-in-the-foot exam i decided to take without anyone egging me on..since i heard from someone (on the inside) that record 12,000 (TWELVE FREAKING THOUSAND) candidates applied this year for vacancies that are mostly around 200, i am exhibiting pre-traumatic stress disorders symptoms…for instance my sleeping hours have stretched to 12 ,  from 12 am to 12pm while rest of them are probably cramming up to their noses…i do weird calculations on calculator every 3 minutes, err i assume my marks for ever paper n add them up to see if they cross 700…if they dont i keep on adding 5 and 6s here n there, until they finally do..then hugely satisfied with my estimated performance, i take some time off to watch HBO movie..when credits roll, i run back to my room to study some more..but hard work tends to wear off my delicate body, i end up curling up beneath the blankets..oh dont you just love winter?..then i get up after a while,freaked out by some nightmare featuring my failure.. to ward off the evil feeling, i seek reassurance in my———books? Nah..Calculations!!! i do them all over again..after scoring 700, i open a book or two and study upto 3 hours…3/12 hours is better average than say, 3/24..dont you think?

and to jazz things up a bit more, my immediate family has left no stone unturned in letting the distant family n friends know about my upcoming appearance in the said exam,,,, to gather maximum prayers ofcourse…

i think i wanted to point out the similarities between a wedding and this exam in this post..but somehow they have slipped out of my mind…care to help me in recalling them?

ps: i am not that good with counting…but since its a countdown, i’ll appreciate if anyone can confirm that from today to 6th march, there is a gap of 44 days.


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  1. I can’t think of any similarities… only differences. 😛

    Here’s a questionnaire so you can sort it out:
    a) Do you feel like an animal?
    b) Do you feel like a CIRCUS animal, specifically, being asked to perform all sorts of tricks to entertain EXAMINERS?
    c) Is there negative marking that grows exponentially?
    d) Are you required to make roti and perform similar stunts of a dexterous nature?
    e) Are you required to be prepared to the nines for every situation that might befall you?
    f) Are you required to shut up and not talk about whatever comes into your mind?
    g) Are you required, by Mommy’s I-Said-So Law, to not treat anyone else like you treat her and please keep-your-mouth-shut-and-don’t-batameezifoy-like-you-do-with-me?
    h) Do you think of the DATE as ‘Display Date’and ‘Show-case day’ and ‘Ohh, look mommy, that’s a Specs’?
    i) Have you been told by your brother that you look nice today and then have him add as an after thought IN FRONT OF THE IN-LAWS that he wishes you would look half that nice in ‘normal’ life?!

    If you answered yes to 3 or more of the questions above (I think you would’ve), welcome to the sisterhood. *ties bandana on Pinkkay’s head* Here’s your bailan… ab rotian pakao. 😛

    • Oy…. rotiyan banana is NOT exclusive to women!!! My burnt hands and sore knuckles are evidence enough…

      By the way, Us roti pakane walas hate saalan pakane waalas! They get all the glory, while we actually remember to put salt is our “product” ourselves!

      Oh sorry was it product or was it wounds??? I cant seem to remember!

      • Muahaha, yeah, I agree. I didn’t say ‘roti pakao’ because she’s a girl- and I didn’t say *I* am the one learning to make roti because I’m getting married- its Mr. Man. HAHAHAHAHA

        And yeah, the salan does get the glory- hmm, why didn’t I think of that before! 🙂

      • You dont really get sarcasm do you?

        And you SHOULD have thought about Salan thing before!!! Its the easiest (Ok probably not the easiest, but you get the picture) thing to get all the attention…. especially if you are trying to make an impression on the susraal. No body notices the poor li’l rotiyan wala like me!!! Boooo hOoooo

      • Yay, my e-pariwaar is growing!! humari side pe rawaj hai jub aap kisi ko apni behn banatay ho tu gold bangles bhi daitay ho 😉 *cough*

  2. LOL! 😆
    exactly! i’ll have to preen & prune a lot, keeping to myself what i really think and talking at length about what they want to hear..*sigh* parrots have better lives, at least they are green

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