Death itself is bad enough, add to it murder, suicide or accident and one is left with tantalizing Who, Why and What ifs….Waisay a quick question..in your opinion, what would be the Divine verdict for a Muslim who committed suicide under the influence of drugs? Would he be tried for suicide? Or would he qualify for lenience since he wasn’t in full control of his faculties, drugs being his chief flaw?

*sigh* Is it just me or suicides (even of perfect strangers) affect you the same way?

As for the barely alive me, I am fine Alhamdulilah..(yeah I know,saying that insinuates that you are being bombarded with concerned queries about your health, even if the last email your inbox received,originated from itself..(gimme a break! I am not that desperate, I just like to create a backup online inventory of important documents) *cough*

Prep is continuing in its mercurial vein, though calculations are doing good…

I have discovered (and contracted) a cellphone syndrome…if I write an SMS about P’s rude behaviour or sth to send it to Z, I end up sending this masterpiece of m-backbiting to P instead of Z….yup, I am in last stages of this syndrome…I have run out of excuses like “P I have another P friend too..i was talking about her (to a third P friend whose number is listed just below yours) or I wouldn’t have fwdd it to you, would i? *smiley*”

Pray for me guys…seriously

PS: find the value of n


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