since its not allowed to bombard examiners with sob stories, i was wondering what would be the next best strategy in case of an emergency (like if i can only manage to answer 2 out of 4 (out of 8  ) questions..with a brain like mine, one cant be too sure)…..so i have concocted a very subtle but potentially effective plan B…and since i am a noble soul with  a very generous disposition i have decided to share its details with you..

step A: fill a fountain pen with water

step B: take that pen with your (ink-filled) pens and ballpens to the examination hall..(i need not add,this step is crucial for the successful execution of the plan)

step C: answers as much questions as you possibly can…dont get overwhelmed by this seemingly gigantic task..since you took the trouble of contemplating this plan, you would probably need to answer 2 questions max

step D: when your ink-filled pen stops working (primarily due to lack of signals from the grey cells) bring out the customized H2O pen

step E: remove its outer capsule and gently squeeze the filler to eject drops of water….drop them at the blank end of your answer sheet at strategic locations…(For God’s sake dont end up soaking the 2 sheets you so laboriously filled)

And since tears are words the heart can’t express , its solemnly hoped the examiner would undertand this heart-felt message…and even if the cold-blooded dream-murderer fails to rise to the occassion, rest assurred he wont be able to bring any charges of examiner-manipulation against you…see? no downside only pluses..

ps: thanks for sharing my glee in the last post…with friends like you who needs any friends

ps2: guess how many times the word “since” was used in the post?


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