i know you ppl will continue loving me , even if i fail the exam..

And even after glimpsing my handwriting 😀

thank God for the anonymity of typing, eh?

yeah i know there is a lot wrong with this addition to the slant

i am so mad at fpsc guys for offering only blank answer sheets…now half of my efforts would be consumed in keeping the damn lines straight!!!

i never knew a day would come that i’ll miss those answer sheets with beautiful, equi-distant, parallel lines. *SIGH*

& feel free to point out the ugliest alphabet produced by me…..(though i really think that its the overall look thats hideous not the individual alphabets 😉  )


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  1. I agree with Safi. Handwriting’s good!

    And count me and Absar in Safi’s category w.r.t. handwriting. Mine and Safi’s is a train wreck, Absar’s is a micro-organism!

    • chalo g..
      i expected some laughter at my handwriting’s expense…but apparently it is “good” *scoff*

      lol,imagine 6 sth tall guys producing ant’s eggs (i mean really small alphabets)

  2. My father had a very beautiful handwriting. Consequently(?) my elder bro has a very beautiful handwriting. I fall way behind them in this regard.

    After these God damned computers… writing as an art is becoming obsolete. My english hand writing is still some what better, my urdu handwriting is horrible now!

    And yes, their answer sheets do not have lines in them! hehe! aur ap rattay laga rahi hain aisay likh ker?

  3. You need to correct your ‘K’ Pinkkay- I have the a somewhat similar handwriting and it got me into a LOT of trouble! People read it as ‘l’ and ‘c’ 😦

    Yar, your lines are so straight, Masha’Allah… I wouldn’t worry. 🙂 Wishing you the best!!!

  4. In one of my classes, I had a German sitting next to me. I was trying to note what the Prof was saying. He missed something and tried to peek into my notes. hehe….He looked at my notes, then at me, then the notes again, then me :). Seems comparing sth. Consequently he missed half of the important points of Prof. When Prof paused for few min, he asked me “I couldn’t understand what you were writing”. I replied “hmmm….err….I was actually writing it down in Urdu (safaid jhoot it was in English)”. He: “but there are so many english words in it?” I: “yes there are. Urdu language is actually a mixture of many languages. U have no idea about it. Just concentrate on what you have missed”. Now in each class he always sits far away from me. I dont understand why people leave you alone just because you have a bad handwriting 😦

    Btw I will love you more when you will become a Bara Admi 😀 and u know why!!! yeah yeah I m mean!

  5. ROFLMAO!!! poor guy…
    InshAllah phir main “bara admi” zaroor banu ge…
    (i hope the prayer isnt answered in its literal sense 😉 )

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