— to fail ;)


hahaha..jk 😉

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised…

someone important said that, i just dont recall who..


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  1. so done with all the ‘girlie’ preparation? tissue, 8 pencils, 5 ball points, paper clips etc – all the things in various colours or with matching dress

  2. damn,tissues bhool gayi thi..
    aur main dresses ki matching nahin karti 😉

    oy, can you do an exclusive post abt how to cope with err an unsuccessful bid? or is self-respect a prerequisite for the need to cope 😉

  3. naraz? pagal hay? well thank god that at that time there was no blogger :p

    Na. Paani wala bhi hay aur.. nahi toffee wala nahi hoga na he paan wala. sorry. do drink from that glass from which everyone in the hall has had a drink.. some say it has elixir. I dunno. never tried. I am just an ordinary mortal.

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