take it from me


just because some books are freely available to you thnx to your pop’s collection, doesn’t mean that you should devour them to earn the epithet of “well-read”…it can turn out to be err counterproductive..

*sigh* i just finished reading The Killer Department by Robert Cullen…though the book is well-researched and quite succinct, considering it follows the 12 year killing spree of a serial killer AND eight year hunt for him by detective Burakov….in hindsight,i  shouldnt have read it…though i am not easily repelled at the sight (or mention) of gory scenes, 53 murders, most of which featured gouging out the eyes of victims and er disembowelment, is a bit too much, even by my standards..


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  1. lol..waisay i have yet to watch a truly scary movie…
    i have seen some disturbing ones like Green Mile, and The silence of the lambs but horror movies almost always fail to live up to the hype surrounding them…

  2. serial killers are so cool! After the vietnam war, the US produced shitloads of them, american soldiers used to eat viatnamese children when they ran outta food. They liked the bum best, cause it was high fat, and would give them more energy. And ppl say the taliban are brutal 😛

  3. @Farooq
    ewww :/

    erm are you serious?
    it sounds like its about grave and grave-y insects and shrieks & stuff *gulp*
    i think there is a difference between real fear and fake fear..the films & novels about scary aliens and bloodthirsty vampires belong to fake fear category…in the back of our minds we know that its not gonna happen, not to us anyway…but stuff about graves, spirits and other supernatural phenomenon generates real fear, coz we feel that our probability of encounter with them is greater..*bigger gulp*

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