Host Change


i came across this dress and ended up cursing myself for still being dependent on my parents….OMG, 23(.5) years of parasitic infestation?!! Damn, i really need to find new host 😉 a nice hubby, for instance….scratch nice, a mere hubby would do…someone whose income would not have to be shared with 3 other ppl.(or 4, if you count the poor pop himself)

elegant but slightly aunty-ish? i am not exactly a minnie minor either…

when i expressed my desire to finance my whims myself and to treat my begging bowl syndrome, i was asked to find myself a job…though there is nothing wrong with the idea theoretically…i & the interviewer might find ourselves locked in the following interesting exchange;

him: So,where do you picture yourself 5 years from now?

me: erm as an Assistant commissionaire of some God-forsaken place

him: *confused*

me: um, actually i just appeared in that ABC exam and the written part went exceedingly well…so there IS a greater than zero chance of my progression to the  next stage or even clearing the whole thing, you know..

him: ok, This is Awkward…

i mean seriously, who in their right mind would hire me when the (off) chance of losing me to the government remains there?..and i can’t lie about it and hide this crucial piece of information…though i am not the saintly Mother Teresa but still it would be nearly impossible to lie, how would i explain my one year gap since completing the MBA?? by showing medical certificate? yeah thats better…we should really hire someone who has a tendency of developing year-long illnesses and retaining the ensuing sickly appearance…


what did you say about the tranformation into a darwaish, again?


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