Inny meeny miny moe


ok, i have got the canvas and the paints, but as its going to be my first oil painting ever and that too without any coaching or guidance, i thought it would be safe to imitate one of these,..but i can’t decide which one would be easier for a beginner..

this one is my favourite, but i am sure i won’t be able to produce such waves and reflection of sun..

first and the third one appear easy to paint but then no one would hang my childish painting in their room šŸ˜¦


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  1. Hey give it a shot…. And in the end if no one hangs em on their wall, you can!

    Besides, art is over-rated, means for wannbes to convince the world they have something left… If you really wanna do art, dont do it for people, do it for yourself, because it make you see something in yourself.

    But then, I m an engineer, I know nothing about art! listening to me would be bad judgement on your part! Hahaha

  2. Riiiiiiiiiigggght!

    I guess I m nice when I dont have anything snide to say… the dumber’er part of me that is! Hahahah I guess its the thesis, its killed of most of my neurons!

  3. i have finalized the second last one…
    but a liquid ; turpentine or sth like it is also required for washing paint brush, so far i havnt been able to acquire it..i am actually considering distillating the furniture varnish we have at home, though a small voice is telling me that it would probably be highly inflammable šŸ˜€

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