Gola and the Why ME? syndrome


i have decided thatย  in distant future i am going to write a book about why me? syndrome..the inspiration came from the domestic helper girl (lets name her Gola) we have around here..picture this and you would agree that situation demanded this response.

#1. Pinky is sleeping soundly in her bed in the cozy envelope of sheets..she is not causing ANY disturbance to the outside world (no, i don’t snore).she has two more hours of sleeptime left as its only 9.00 am but WHAM!!!..Gola comes in, turns off the fan(which is fine by me) and picks up the prayer mat from the carpet and slams it on Pinky’s head!!!!!!..disoriented from the unmerited collision, poor Pinky arises only to listen, “sorry baji, mujhe pata nai challa k aap yahan so rahi theen”.after witnessing what was clearly meant to be a disarming smile, she goes back to a disturbed sleep..

#2. Its another fine morning..Summer sun is simmering outside..Pinky accidentaly walks in on Gola doing the cleaning of drawing room.WITH ALL the bulbs in the room in full glow, including the chandelier!!!!!!…Aghast with horror, trying not to compute the damage done to the electricity bill, Pinky politely asks Gola to refrain from turning on all the lights from then onwards, and switches off the extra light…surprisingly Gola maintains her rare silence.

#3. Pinky has fallen asleep while reading newspaper in her mother’s bed.though this time she is not covered with any sheet to render her invisible to Gola’s eyes, Gola comes in and kicks the bed with all her might anyway…fearing an earthquake, pinky revives only to see a murderous Gola standing over her as if it was pinky who shoved the big brown bed in her path.

#4. Gola’s sister is complimenting Pinky about her looks, Gola feels compelled to join in with “mujhe tu lagta hai, baji ki shakkal sath wali baji k baitay jaisi hai”.whether it was an attack on Pinky or her mother has yet to be determined.

ps: there was zero, i repeat ZERO exaggeration used in this post.


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  1. Hahaaha…. I guess there are nt any chicks around to join this ‘discussion’ by saying “Oh Good help is so hard to find! Hummmph!”.

    Dude! Just be grateful you have someone brooming and moping the floor, and around to pick your stuff up from the various surfaces of your room/house! The help is allowed a bit of fun once in while, too bad its at your expense! Hahaha…

  2. yeah i am grateful that i don’t have to perform these chores myself, but that in itself is not an excuse for her errant behaviour..trust me i only mentioned the incidents, not the FREQUENCY with which they occur..

    khair, my purpose for writing the book (i am serious abt that) was not to generate sympathy for my misfortunes..the “me” in “WHY ME?” is not me….it would be from helper’s perspective (gained through interviews)…i know it wouldnt change the course of history nor it would earn me a nobel prize but it might, just might enable us, the employers, to empathize with them better..

  3. and weirdly, i kept remembering Kreacher, the houseelf from Harry potter, while typing this post….we are partly responsible for how we are treated by them..their behaviour mirrors our treatment of them…or so i thought.

  4. GOLA ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Koi aur naam nai mila?? If her name IS Gola, then I can totally imagine her doing whatever u mentioned ๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh and btw, I feel bad for the first one…can ignore the rest ๐Ÿ˜› maybe not baitay wali baat lol

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