warning: boring

after walking barefooted on a live cockroach for umpteenth time, my sister decided it was time for a drastic action..she aborted our live-and-let-live policy & declared war on the roaches lurking silently in bedrooms, washrooms, kitchen, even in/on stairs…..first she purged her room & killed all the 5 bugs that used to hang out there..satisfied, infact jubilant over the results, she volunteered to deinfest every single far so good…2 roach-free days passed in relative peace but then she crossed the line that separates enthusiasm from over-enthusiasm..she attacked the storeroom,which incidentally was also used as a store by the bugs to store their eggs and infants, and all the hell broke loose!!!!… her anti-bug spray was no match for the legions & legions of cockroaches & their desire to live….

she was seen fleeing the scene screaming & wailing with the bugs in fast pursuit..

and in there a painfully obvious pattern can be detected which i felt our army should be alerted about..(not that i expect them to read this post,,, though we did have the pleasure of a Captain’s company..i distinctly remember hordes of swooning girls going gaga over him like teenage groupies.. But the frenzy considerably piped down once he exhibited a er subtle streak of perversion(?)…hehehe..Bad Pinky, that’s blogheebat!! ) i digress… the point is that no military action against ultimate Taliban hideouts will be totally effective, unless all seeping pores/ exit passages are fully covered..what’s the point of bringing an elite force to storm the front door of the suspect’s house when he can easily escape through backdoor?!

oh but this is common sense, right? yeah right


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    • hmm..waisay hungry ants drag away their dead bodies the moment they stop twitching..
      yeah, all kinds of hashraat-ul-arz live at my place 😀

  1. errr dont ask, even I dared to do the same and remember killing a dozen roaches in a span of 5-10 minutes. A few of them even FLYING around =/ I was sooooo into this roach killing stuff that I even got nightmares of me killing roaches the entire night =|

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