The Quad Squad


consumed by envy..
i seriously am..


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  1. yeah & what if they are eww-ugly, unlike these cute bunnies?..

    & i just thought about the financial aspect!!!! though one can get stuff from wholesale shops, but a truck of pampers is a truck of pampers,no matter from where you buy them

    prayers rescinded..

    • Pampers and cuteness aside – the constant feeding and pooping and demands to be heard and picked up are going to be enough to wish you’d spaced some time between the four!


  2. hahahah damn pampers arent something to worry about. Look how happy the Mom looks 🙂 MashAllah… aah well thats America or UK or whatever, and they get special funds after such cases…and here on the contrary, there will be news ALL over, on every possible news channel for like a WHOLE day…and then ta ta bye bye suck ur life 😛

    • right!..her smile is favourite part is when all of them start craning their necks here and there..i am glad they are safe with their mum, i would have eaten at least two of them!..
      and welcome to the blog 🙂

  3. i dont know…this may look really cute but i dont think its be easy to handle 4 at a tim, esp if there’s no help. the idea of one at a time suits m just fine

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