Ten Hut! Officer on deck!


😀 well an officer-in-the-making anyway 😉

yup, i cleared the written part of ABC EXAM!!!!!!!! 😛 😀

tomorrow my name and roll number will appear in newspapers all over Pakistan (most prolly)..IMAGINE THAT!! .ME!!!.i still can’t walk straight, i am clumsy like a new waitress, i use harry potter references in my posts, i write poems that even a 3rd grader would throw in a bin, i? I? I cleared the exam??????

(of course ,you can always dispute the credibility of the exam as a gauge of intelligence!! or of anything, for that matter)

i have already responded to over 50 calls at least…funny how some people start giving you importance all of a sudden, like you are some brilliant artwork hanging on an obscure part of the wall,,while previously you were considered more of a lizard on the same wall..err…Hahh…though i am a bit worried they might try jinxing me you know…dark magic or sth…the jealous hags :/

khair, Allah bachanay wala hai…(or pass karanay wala bhi)

(i want to share my roll number but i deem it prudent to share it once i am done with the interview..within 2-3 months)


thank you guys for being there for me 🙂 ….trust me, most of you were of great emotional help to me even if lacking in the intellectual dept….so thank you all but special thanks to Farooq,  Hira, Leena,Mahvish, Postman, Safi, Sawjilius, Sophi & Specs….you guys rock!! 😀


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  1. newspaper ne 3 linon ki aik nanhi munhi khabr lagayi k itnay appear hoye they, itnay pass ho gaye…no names :/

    ulloo k dash:@

  2. meriii DC pass ho gaiiii……I just wanna jump + scream at this moment (but security team may come…err…I miss our slow motion police…)

    aray yar mubarikaaannn!! smajh nahi aa rahi kiya kahon….but we all knew somewhere that you would clear 🙂 . I wish I could come to hug you …ummaahh

  3. *hugs*
    main ne kaha tha na, i will haunt you from Lahore Academy (CSA)…lagta hai promise pura honay ja raha hai 🙂 .love you buddy..
    (i almost said k “koi bhi jayiz kaam ho tu zaroor yad krna, 9th common or 3*th common k officers hazir hon gay”, but then i remembered k interview abhi rehta hai 😆 so don’t discontinue the prayers yet)

  4. @ Pinky: do char cheezien aur maang leti qabuliyat ka waqt tha woh 🙂 …when are you going to the CSA? I wish I could be there!

    And leave this differentiation b/w jaiz naa-jaiz kaam. Mai nay aur moron (Postman) nay tu plan banaya hua hai smuggling ka siraf tumhari deputation ka intezar hai 😀



    (yeah i didn’t read past the rest of the post after the first two lines!! lol. okay now lemme read!)

  6. okay just read it.

    is ‘m’ me? 😀

    even if it’s not i don’t think it matters because what you’ve done is more important and i wish you all the very best!!

    steer clear of the phony (pun intended) friends! and keep at it!!

  7. hahahahaha…frm your capital omgs, it seems like you received a really big surprise!! :/ 😆

    yup, M for Minerva..

    thanks buddy 🙂 prayers still needed though, out of 638 who cleared, more than 400 are from punjab (n so am i) and our province’s quota of seats would be around 180 seats this time…..so only 50% will eventually be allocated…

    • treat after the interview…(actually ppl around me are also waiting for the interview result to give me the congratulatory money, so —) 😉

      and have we signed a Reciprocity Treaty??..you only comment here when i comment on your post..

      • Dude! I am sooooooooo sorry I dont blog these days, life without the internet is a bitch! Frankly, your comment made me realize I have been ignoring my blog for too long. Give me a week more and you ll see a slew of posts about loads of girly stuff that I hate. HAPPY?

  8. Arrey, I’m also mentioned 🙂
    Hum ney tou kuch nai kiya (at least mey ney nai kiya :-P)…. you passed it all on your own :-))))

    Heartiest Congrats and wishing you the best for the interview!

    *hugs and duas*

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