Pschological test


1. if something bad happens to me, i get over it quite soon

a. true ……………..b) ? ………..c) false

2. Sometimes i get frustrated with ppl too quickly

a.true……………b) ?…………c) false

3.i let little things upset me more than they should

a.often…..b)?…….c) rarely

false answers!..all of them!!..but i am still going to repeat all these lies in my psychological tests next week…because i dont want to be declared unfit/unsuitable for the job..because if i tell those psychologists how bloody sensitive i am, they wont appreciate my honesty, no,No,no,they would just penalize my softness!..they would ignore my love for my country, my adaptability, and all other strengths, and would discard me bcoz i appear emotional and thus unsuitable…ha! they deserve to be lied to!!

or do they? am i doing the right thing? if i am lying at the very onset, does it not indicate that i am a lying, cheating bureaucrat in the making??? isnt my country already self-sufficient when it comes to such scums?

*sigh* this battle of the conscience is driving me crazy….i hope my sanity is the only casualty..

Pray for Pakistan..


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  1. It’s just the way it goes.

    Watch “lie to me” – a series starring Tim Roth. Behavioral psychologist helps solve crimes.

    And just be confident of who you are and what you believe in. That’s the formula behind the success in any public evaluation arena.

    All the best. Keep us posted!

    • yeah i am trying to address this ethical dilemma by using the most common “Everybody does it” excuse…not working..

      thanks for your kind words! when i was typing this post, i was hoping you would come since its your domain…and you did! 🙂 thnx M 🙂

    • oh yeah, we have an expert on board *smack on my forehead* ;p
      any last minute tips? (interview is on the 13th)..
      you maintain eye contact only with that guy on the panel who just asked the question, ya you look at everyone??if they start bombarding you with questions, without waiting for your complete answer, should you play along and keep pace wth them or politely ask them to let you finish?
      and i still dont know how to ans questions like “is this our war or america’s?” cheating kara tho na 😦 😀

  2. They usually do not bombard you with questions… each panel member has different set of questions to ask. They may ask follow up questions on any topic at hand but they do not bombard. Regarding eye contact .. naturally you would be looking towards the person who has asked you the question – not the portrait of Quaid behind 🙂

    Just be yourself I think. I was interviewed by late Gen Jamshaid Gulzar. He asked me ‘what do you think about the opinion in press saying that army is responsible for the mess here.. do you think its unfair’. I replied ‘ of course you will say that .. you are from the army!’ to which everyone laughed and he had to say to me that please dont consider me a an army man here. Nice guy 🙂

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