second lease


wow..had to google “secondlease.wordpress” to land on my own blog! and let me say what a prescient domain name (er or whatever its called. IP shy pee address, m making it worse? oops 😛 )

for second lease it is, friends…my dad asked me to take the exam again, & i am doing just that 🙂   yeah, i always was a laaton-kay-bhoot variety, wasnt i? 😀

and yes, i m finally done crying..took a long time, this time..but woooooh, m stable 🙂

though words like “mehnat”, “future”,”dua,” “expectations”,”csa”,”taqdeer”can still kinda trigger some lacrimal activity…hehe..jk!  😛

missed all of u so much, but then most of u were missing too..sawj, safi, sophi,specs,farooq,hira 😦 ..stayed in touch with leena on fb, before deleting my account (er i hope u dnt notice this part, postman 😉 )  postman and mahwish r still active, fortunately…so i lurked there kbhi kbhi 🙂  oh mah, read your posts on express tribune, wow girl! you are going places! 😛 (in every sense of the expression 🙂 )

as for me, well…my dhakka start prep is back on…its funny how the schadenfreude-ly people are sticking to me again “AwwWW(nnn*nasal*)..pala baby, you are going to do better this time..After all you now know what you r (not) supposed to do” guys dont get it do you..well, i might b experienced a still on the negative side of the balance…the confidence i had the last time has been shattered to bits. although i did manage to patch it back up with cellotape, uhu and good ol’ samad bond borrowed from dear friends,cooperative family & my own dhitayi, its still far from the original thing… assuming that after such a high profile failure, i’ll somehow jump back into the fray with confidence and morale intact, is sorta..asking a lot…m not exactly reincarnation of Robert Bruce!!  (the spider (gazing) man)


boht kuch saha hai, yeh bhi seh he lain gay hum

hahaha..see? at least my lame poetic streak escaped unscathed…..chalo, bhagtay chor ki juraab he sahi 😉 yeah, i ammended it,so?


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  1. Yawn! Blogging is so over-rated, only people who have nothing to do write blogs… Hahaha!

    Any way good luck and godspeed. As for blogs and blogging, I have a 16 hour day, so I hardly get the time. And besides you guys dont want me blogging, cuz this time around I ll only be two things, vulgar and an engineer, wait thats just one thing. Hah!

  2. i blogged after 5 months! and u commented within 9 minutes, aur abhi farigh main hun?! 😀
    good to see u, man! 🙂

    still try, at least 🙂 your sketches were good…aik adh transformer he bana k post kr lo…
    still in singapore? leena jr se milay? 🙂

  3. Hahahahah!! Awesome comment up there, Pinky.

    Ah well the ET blogs are a bit of a nightmare. Sure you get published but then you have to read the horrible, horrible nasty, nasty stuff people throw at you and you want to jump up your own ass and die. Then again, the ghairat brigade has always had its issues.

    Welcome back and all the best with your new effort. Don’t listen to the schaudenfreudie losers.

    • 😀 apparently he doesnt share your opinion 😉

      & thanks for dropping by…like i might have said before, you (and your posts) always leave me a bit starstruck 🙂
      yeah, i would ignore them & u do the same to those nasty commenter..

  4. The quick comment is simply the courtesy of technology and a habit I had to learn in the so called corporate world, which is that emails need to be replied quickly. I ve met leena mini and she is cute.

    Yaar I ll try blogging, but you know my blog is all about bitching, and the only thing I am left to bitch about is work. Since I cant talk about work I am just keeping away. Besides I ve picked up a few other hobbies here and there that just take up too much time. Heck I only get a few hour on a sunday which I can really spend with my wife, which we spend by watching a movie or TV.

    But its something I ll definitely want to pick up again simply because it was the only thing keeping me in touch with the world.

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