awww factor


kids are  by cute by definition…i have never seen a less than cute baby in my life…a baby video a day makes my are some of my most favourite ones

Omg..Her hair!.look at her hair

hehe..the fact they look exactly alike is prolly funnier than their shararat.

believe it or not, this masterpiece of a baby,is a boy!! he is so perfect he looks like a toy doll..awwww


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  1. i read your blog and i kinda want to get to you know.
    now i know it is weird and i m kinda sounding like weirdo
    but then whatever it is worth, i created a fake gmail account and decided to send you this weird message.
    if u are getting bored or something, then reply.

    otherwise, bhai i m sorry.

    • lol..why am i getting this feeling that i know u already? 😉 that you are some friend of mine, trying to create a cute lil diversion to take my mind off things? :p
      though i have only 1 argument in the favour of my observation : why on earth would u need a fake ID? a real one would have sufficed, no?

      and boredom is the last thing on my mind these days..(as you prolly know already 😀 ) i m retaking an exam…so

  2. yep, quite pathetic.

    waisay i do not know you, i was just going through different blogs and found yours aur bus phir aisay hee message likh diya. i guess i was bored aur waisay bee farigh aadmee kaa dimagh shaitaan kaa ghar hota hey

    good luck with your exams

  3. oye chinky tu zinda hai? mai ye video dekh rahi thi and you struck my mind. I love the term CSS as “Charh Sooli Sonaya” 😀

    Best of luck on your exam baby!

    • wahh g..waday waday log aye aaj!! 😀
      g g hum zinda bhi hain aur sharminda bhi 😉 hehe
      dua krni hai Sid, her namaz k baad acha?
      oy, hoti kahan ho? back in pakistan yet?

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