daikho daikho kon aya…shair aya, shair aya ;p


lol..2 things usually happen when my exams are just around the corner…#1, i start praying with a gusto thats missing from my normal (sans exams) prayers(yeah, hypocrisy n chaploosy at its best)..#2, my focus on studies starts crumbling (hence heightened activity on blog & increased inactivity in bed (er as in snoozefest)..

following post is also a product of my wandering concentration…my typically lame urdu ashaar! 😀

they are seriously SO lame, they are a class apart in lameness!!..honestly,if you mix my shiari with other shairi (of same class), mine would stand out like a sore thumb..i wont even have to bother about the takhalus anymore, my signature lamesness would suffice!  er then why do you sound like you are bragging about it?, i hear you think…simple: modesty was never really my strong suit..i have bragged too often to notice when i really shouldnt brag..oh did i mention 2 of the 5 IGs are my dad’s best buddies?  *finally noticing the murderous expressions*

ok ok, dont die of envy..not when my ashaars can easily offer a pretty painless alternative

her ek hath main pathar hai
her zuban per gali
koi kasta hai taanay
koi peet’ta hai taali
humari jug hansayi pe hansne walo
humain parsayi ka dawa he kub tha

hussn khuda ne dia gharoor tum karte ho?
apne aur humaray pe kyun itna zulm krte ho?
yun beyitani se guzarte ho jaisay hum juz-e-dewar hon
ghalban humari shakal mizaj pe garan guzarti hai
jin se tarshay ho tum humain unhi hathon ne tarasha hai
maana k hum ziada sandali o marmarri na hain
per variety bhi kisi cheez ka naam hota hai ;p
us ne hum se ishq kia he kub tha
usay faqt humaray qad 0 qamat se piyar tha
kaash hum ne ye surat sarapa paya na hota
khuda ne yun humari parsayi ko aazmaya na hota
ok, the last two qataats (or whatever the hell they are) offer two really divergent claims about the looks of the shaayr..just to be clear, the second one is relatively closer to the reality 😉
mohabbat ka dawa tu kartay hain log
nibha nai patay aksar
mitani ki koshish tu kartay hain dil se
bhula nai patay yaksir
wah wah..
bhayi waqayi wah
PS: I found a really cute blogger couple!!!!!  Furree Kat and Russian bear…there are 17 sth cute kids, who make an assome couple! 😉  i wish them all the happiness imaginable…read this post if you wanna know them

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