universal appeal


*sigh*i should have learnt to shape my eyebrows myself..

last sunday i dragged myself to a parlour (that wasnt my regular one)…utterly taken with their showbiz lights (the ones they have in those green rooms, bulbs around the mirror n all) i sat there glued to the chair, mesmerized with the scene in the mirror *dreamy look*..m telling you, if you want the answer of who is fairest of them all in affirmative, deploy at least six bulbs around your favourite mirror..it will do the trick 😉 khair so engrossed was i, that i barely registered the entry of a uniformed girl in the background…

next thing i knew, my head was being made to recline in the standard position..my eyes were in a state of mutiny, determined to feast on the splendid sight for as long as they could…but then
something happened
and even my movie star look was lost to my mind

i felt a hand on my exposed neck..most tender….misplaced sense of self-importance that i have always harboured first led me to the conclusion that i was being assasinated!!! i mentally searched the instruction manual for the situation; offer the kalma, offer the kalma!..oh great,i know first 5…twisted that i am, i started with the last one..forgot it midway, switched to 4th confused it with ayat-ul-kursi..*sigh* NO wait!! if this were an actual assassination attempt, i would have been dead by now,,no?

so what was it? i admit my eyebrows are a bit on the heavy side, kinda keira knightlish, but still they were never that problematic to metastasize to my neck!!…but then what on earth were those hands doing on my neck?? it felt like a er caress…(i used “felt” because erm admittedly i have never been really caressed to know for sure *sheepish*..unless, ofcourse, you count the visual and the virtual ones)

tha!!!! the penny dropped.

i glanced back and sure enough her top two buttons were nowhere in sight and the third was not really putting up a fight….and i bolted…


btw, my interest in the books instead of quadrupling is on the wane…yeah, i am undertaking far more productive exercises these days…like self portraiting..hehe, these days visitors to my room are treated to sights that rank disparately along the continuum between hilarious and obnoxious…


yeah i know..the blog is totally going to the dogs..but then, it was never known for quality in the first place 😀


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  1. er what scenarios? 😀 the erm all-girls ones or the ones involving self-photography…. if its the former then trust me, its SCARY!!

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