Baying for coup


almost sixty percent of the populace is :@

most of the problems Pakistan is facing have been created during miltary rule. The continuation of feudalism, corruption, religious extremism and uneven distribution of national wealth has been overseen by the miltary. Therefore, asking the miltary to come back and clean the mess reminds one of Mir Taqi Mir’s famous verse:

Mir sada hain keh bemar hoey jis ke sabab;

Usi attar ke londe se dawa mangte hain.

(Mir is a simpleton. He is taking medicine from the chemist’s boy who caused the illness in the first place)

________Dr Manzur Ejaz

i dont get all!!

how would you feel about a health policy finalized by aeronautical engineers..your roads & bridges planned by orthopedic surgeons…your dress & jewellery designed by top cops and your kids taught by famous actresses, your house painted by a phd professor, your airplanes flown by expert motormechanics??

see? even if all of these chosen ones turn out to shining stars in their own fields, they cant possibly be equal to the task..simply because they are neither qualified nor trained for it…yes, i know the institution in question as a whole, has almost 33 yr experience, but that died (or fled) with the experienced ones!!!..those paranoid, megalomaniac tough guys who believed in micromanaging things themselves didnt exactly groom heirs for succession, did they?
oh but look at the present mess! anyone is better than these corrupt “elected” bloody civilians....
if they are corrupt, which admittedly they are  (Hajj scam,NICL scandal, PSM, PR, RPP case etc)  let the system punish them through legal process (isnt the judiciary already breathing down their necks?)  and through a lil something called “elections”..ever heard of them? they are like really frequent exercises where ordinary people go and stamp on colourful papers to choose lesser of the available evils…and coincidentally thats exactly what you are, my men in the black boots :/
if my country has become a pariah in the world today accused of double dealing, you wont have to look too far to see who is responsible..who died and made all of you de facto foreign minister?.if i sound bitter there is a reason for it.those who claim to be ever vigilant to gouge off evil eyes with evil designs against my homeland cant even protect their own men and bases..somehow their costly guns cant shoot down the drones infringing upon the very sovereignty they have sworn to protect “at all cost”  but their aim always has this deadly accuracy when its directed at their angry compatriots..think B…..Bangladesh?! come on!…we have moved on!!  we have another battle yard these days….yes, when we are not playing pretend in the northern areas, we are drilling holes in the southern one…
Men at their Best?  or Men at their Best?

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  1. Coup aint coming. Gone are the days of Khakhis ruling of Pakistan directly. And it took less than 10 years to reach this stage since the last coup. This is a HUGE change. They may twist arms and buy themselves favours from political opportunists.. but they can not impose martial law. chutti. No one supports that. This Govt passed 4 years in Pakistan. Unbelievable.

    The talk of Pakistanis still baying for coup.. well.. can you really blame them? Ordinary Pakistani is stuck between overt corrupt politicians and covert corrupt generals. Politicians are to take the blame for the mess because its been 4 years that they have made a wonderful…. mess. So be patient. They may bay for coup, that aint coming. So they might look to change things through ballot. Now that would be awesome.

    And yes. I am an idiot.

    • hehe…sounds like you are going to vote for PTI too 😀

      yeah, i know.. a coup is pretty pointless even for them,, since they are already calling the shots, behind the scenes (from defence strategies to foreign policies)..kinda like lord voldemort (harry potter character),…why come on the stage just to get the blame?..better stay off stage and blameless..

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