we won! we won!  this is the second good news of the year!!….(first one is even better, will share it later (lengthy post!) )

i thoroughly enjoyed the twitter commentary by perfect strangers @ #PakvsEng. 😆
RT @HarrisDenver: Remember today as the day that Pakistan made India happy

Shaikh_SZ .da rational part of me wnts 2 drop my grudge n accept Misbah. But I’m Pakistani, so…for now ill pass all the credit to ajmal

M_Usman24  : Pakistan neh goron ko Lal , pila, nila kar diyah… #PakvsEng

Brashna  : Saeed Ajmal cricket ranks : ODI – Pehla … T20 – Doosra … Test – Teesra 😛
Suhail Warraich se ruju kurain RT @SamiSaayer Jeenay ke hain chaar din aur. 1st Test ke sirf teen. Kya ye khulla tazaad nahin hai? #PAKvsENG
Brashna Broady must be telling Adnan to drop her catches n she’ll go out for a date with him 😛 #LoveBirds #PakvsEng
Brashna Broad is cheating both on Gul n Adnan 😐 Gul will never take her wicket, he is trapped in her fake love 😦 #BroadTheCruelWoman #PakvsEng
Brashna  Breaking news ; Broad cancelled the date with Adnan n Umar 😛 #PakvsENg





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