Saraiki Sooba


i think now i have a fair inkling what the anti-partition Indian Muslims must have experienced at the hands of pro-partition muslims…the allegations of betrayal,the accusations of defection to ‘the other side’ etc…and i am NOT even opposed to the idea of creation of saraiki sooba!!!..i just want people to convince me that it will change our circumstances  for the better…

so this exchange took place on ET’s post Seraikistan is our right

Pinky Jan 20, 2012 – 2:16PM

tussaan gaal changi kitti ai 🙂 ;p per ai dassao ;
whats the guarantee that attaining the status of a province will reduce the disparity and address all the grievances of the province??! last time i checked Balochistan was a province too.. having that status didn’t do much good to its cause, did it?
yes, i belong to saraiki belt, and YES i want the socio ecomonic deprivation of my people to end, but that can be done within the existing framework too…
just saying ;p

and in doing so, i invoked the wrath of a fellow saraiker ;p
Qaisrani  Jan 20, 2012 – 2:33PM


D’not you know how it will decline our Naive.Let me enumerate here few of them.

1)We d’not have any representation in federal jobs.In CSS,Judiciary,army every share is enjoyed by Punjabis.
2)For little work to be done,we have to move to Lahore??Why so.
3)All the provincial level jobs are also taken by Cental Punjab.Check Punjab Public Service COmmission website for yoour own satisfaction and look att he domicles who are being given jobs by them. Why so??
4)AT the name of entry test system in medical college and Engineering Universities,they have marginalized our students from getting higher Education.
5)Systematic annihilation of Saraiki language.Punjabi as subject is being taught in D G Khan and Rajanput too.Why so??

and the list of grievances goes on and on.

Long Live Saraikistan.Long Live Pakistan.

But yours truly happens to be a very relentless & talkative adversary 😀

Pinky  Jan 20, 2012 – 3:06PM

“D’not you know how it will decline our Naive”
hehe..where in my comment did i divulge my naivety about the possibility of a dramatic change in our fortune in the event of getting a province? you completely ignored my point about Balochistan, didnt you? ;p

1) you are wrong when you say “We d’not have any representation in federal jobs” “,army every share is enjoyed by Punjabis. correct me if i am wrong, but until further notice arent we, the Saraiki ppl, Punjabis ourselves?! so the quota for Punjab which admittedly is considerable considering its population, doesnt exactly exclude saraiki punjabis, does it?..Cheer up, it encompasses us!…the 50 percent quota punjab has in CSS, includes you and me…(i am taking a (really) Wild guess here but i believe you are from 39th CTP, DMG, arent you? ;p)

2) genuine concern…so if a branch of provincial headquarters is opened at Multan, you will welcome it, right? 🙂

3) oh please..leave the domicile argument alone..anyone can get a domicile of ANY province in pakistan..dont tell me you havnt heard of the abuse of Sindh domicile in FPSC naive! ;p

4) er..sorry cant relate to youngest sister is enrolled in Rawalpindi medical college and has a domicile of Muzaffargarh…its all about merit, isnt it? if all the top slots are taken up by saraiki ppl, no one will deny them admission 🙂 i promise ;p

5) whoa! dont be so dramatic @ Systematic annihilation….at most you can say its being ignored…ok, fair enough…lets introduce it as a subject too…happy?

and so does the list of solutions ;p friends? 🙂
Pakistan Zindabad
Pakistan Police Paindabad

apparently my brand of logic didnt leave room for anything but senseless sarcasm



I agree with each and every point of your discussion.How naive we Saraikis are that we d’not know that 50 CSS share of Punjab is directed towards us.In Judiciary,Media,Military we are over represented.How good our Punjabi brothers are that they have given us every thing?Still we are racist and not thankful to them despite their love and sacrifices.Pity on us.

(Between this,i am not that Qaisrani who has been selected in 39 common last year).


kia banay ga humara!


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  1. Well. It will do one thing. The exploitation will be done by their own brethren of cast/ creed when a new province is created instead of free for all I guess. Perhaps, this is what ‘welfare’ people assume at least will happen.

  2. er ohk
    waisay the imposing big brother impression of Punjab that the smaller provinces resent would go, right?…thats a plus, i guess…perceived homogeneity of power

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