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yesterday while my dad’s presentation was being dissected by (the pro-musharraf) Army apologists and the Zardari bashers, my sole concern was about my baba’s well being..My sisters and i watched, aghast, as dad’s boss kept on interrupting him throughout the 2 hours!!..and we kept on worrying about how tired his legs must have been from standing for so long…and how parched his lips & throat must have been from speaking for hours on end..no one in the sindh assembly had the decency to offer him a glass of water 😦

and then as usual, the blame game started and news websites were deluged with expressions of dismay (mostly about zardari walking scott free) and defence of musharraf  (yeah, we all know what a fluffy lil innocent bunny he was)

so, while i was supposed to be preparing for my exam which is only a couple of days ago , the Police supporter and the baba defender in me leapt to his defence once more…its tragic how i am still alone in their defence after SO  many years….*sigh* i have lost count of the comments i posted (a couple of them under pseudonym..hehe)  and the emails i sent….then i read something disturbing on Naheed safdar’s twitter account so i even had to make an account myself ..to placate her and dispel her misunderstanding

here are some of my gems from yesterday

guys, you can speculate about the involvement of zardari all you want but the fact is that not even a shred of evidence exists against him..NOT EVEN CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE...so you want the JIT to go ahead and arrest him, just because you dont like the guy??? yeah, because thats how law works…gut feelings, fantasies, allegations, speculations…….Cui bono?you say?,yes, after her death Zardari became president but that doesnt automatically make him the murderer….motives come in many forms, and BB was a leader with loads of enemies.

like my dad said (read the eloquent urdu translation by jang given below)


as for the integrity of the officer in charge of the investigation, let there be no doubt that he is one of the most honest police officers around!!

Dawn, one of the most reliable newspapers of pakistan had this to say about him_“the incumbent head of the JIT — Khalid Qureshi, an independent-minded grade 20 officer of good reputation

Jang, another major Urdu newspaper paid tribute to his moral uprightness in the following news item.


Admittedly,the investigation consumed a lot of time. but when you consider the lack of sufficient cooperation from Army and the intelligence agencies, one cant help admiring the perseverance of these officers. i think JIT has done a pretty decent job of implicating those who were directly involved (Mehsud and his underlings) and those who were culpable (Saud aziz, Musharraf etc)…
Well Done, officers!!!


waisay a challan (charge sheet) against a General?!(even a retired one) thats got to be a first!!! 😀

even Supreme court is merely inviting major-ranked army officers! ;p good to know that our police is not cowering before the army 🙂 🙂

Police Service of Pakistan,Paindabad!


this one was to a teacher who is a son of a retired Naval officer

i TOTALLY understand your devotion to the armed forces, i have the same maniac regard for police (imagine that!)..

but i just wanted to give you an insider scoop….whatever the flaws of this investigation (i bet there would be some).my dad is NOT a government stooge..he is a drop dead honest, patriotic and an extremely devoted cop….ask ANY decent cop you know, he will confirm this 🙂  i know you didnt like the part about mush ;p ;p  but JIT didnt accuse him of murder!!!  Mush and saud azeez etc have merely been deemed “culpable”..and you have to admit the part about saud azeez accepting a junior post in pindi, the fact that he  conveniently lost his cell, the fact that he offered to reveal the real conspirators behind the incident only to backtrack later, the fact that someone ordered him to wash the crime scene within 90 minutes (while the crime scene of mush’s attack was preserved for THREE days, as baba revealed) make it darn suspicious


dear @NaheedNSafdar,u r mistaken, JIT hasnt deemed U culpable. it was RMalik who was casting aspersions on ur role.police never blamed u


this one was to my friend Mohsin (who is also into CSS like me)

er you didnt hear my dad’s presentation??? so i am not answering your questions   #exercise in futility

what “why naheed safdar?” !!! :@ :@ had you actually bothered to read the report (or atleast the news) you would have learnt that JIT report didnt even mention her!!! it was rehman malik who was casting aspersions on her #PPP internal strife…and rehman malik is a politician NOT a police officer with JIT..at least that was the case last time i checked

 er and my dad didnt say musharraf ordered her murder he said he was “culpable”..which basically means; translated in laymanese for you  that he knew about the plot but he did nothing to prevent it, in fact tried to facilitate the act by allowing lax security and (possibly) hindered the investigation  by ordering instant washing of the crime scene through his sidekicks DG MI or DG IB (both army officers)
and thats aiding n abetment for you..or c.u.l.p.a.b.i.l.i.t.y

i just want those of you who are my old friends to pray for my dad…trust me, he is a very good man and an even better officer…(you dont have to take my biased word for it, consult dawn and jang (links given above)),…

PS: imagine having a douchebag for a boss 😆


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