Barmy Act


just when i started contemplating practical (albeit small) steps to mount a campaign against army act (from online petitions (and twitter tagging of every journalist n media person known to mankind) to a small dharna in front of parliament building here in islamabad) help came from unexpected quarters…yup, Ex-servicemen called for amending Army Act today …although in their case, it isnt primarily a concern for the missing baloch people, nah! they are merely concerned about the image of their saintly organization as they believe “this ‘misuse’ was damaging the repute of the army”  but lets not pick holes in this dramatic development…in fact the moment calls for shukranay k nawafil…dair se ayi per aqal aa he gayi…ahl-e-watan ko ye mubarak (aur nayab) lamha boht boht mubarak..

oh and here is the proof of my intense dislike for this army act #Baloch missing ppl case

ha!..unless the government repeals army act of 1952 (at least its amendment of year 2007), army enjoys complete legal immunity for all these acts (detentions, disappearances etc).. 2007 amendment was given effect from January 2003 by cunning Musharraf to legitimise the illegal acts of intelligence agencies..i dont think any judge can do anything about these missing people case AS LONG AS this act remains….
so if the government wants to convince us that it’s serious about Balochistan, it needs to amend this law ASAP!!!

dated Feb 20, 2012 – 8:19PM

wanna know more about this notorious act? read

Army act 1952 challenged

The amendment in the Army Act is missing persons specific

civilians can be court martialled_army act ammended

and then they expect us to love them unconditionally…pshaw

btw i am also thinking about ending up on missing list myself (see, balochistan appears far off to “mainstream” pakistanis..when some disappearances will take place nearer to home it might jolt them into action)…any idea how to bring that about??


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