parchay warchay


done with 9 papers, 3 to go…

had a really Really great time! 😀 ..and i think i did a pretty above average job this can’t talk in absolute terms in competitive exams, but as compared to my own performance in the last attempt, this one is wayyyy better…so far so good…Alhamdulilah…

so much so that my neighbours in the examination hall are congratulating me..haha…a girl on my right praised my writing speed and my knawlij 😉  (most candidates in the hall measure u on the basis of the number of sheets u consume)    the guy behind me went overboard.after two days of zero communication, he launched the third day with

aap kuch dikhati nahi ho, plz objectives dikha daina“. he said that with such familiarity as if we had played chuupan chupayi & kho kho back in our childhood..

pinky:”For God’s sake, its islamiat! at least dont cheat in islamiat!“..”aur waisay bhi what if i am a nalaiq loser? ”

N dude: *snort* yeah right….i have seen all your papers..i even borrowed one of your headings about public accounts committee…you are anything but nalaiq

now i hate to admit it, but i was a bit flattered….and a lil horrified “you WHAT?!! how would it appear to the examiner? two people with same headings?!

N: hehe..relax! i only copied the heading..i had no idea what to write underneath it…whats your name? i would brag to ppl that i knew her when the result comes out

pinky *not flattered this time”:  you can never be sure about allocations…waisay bhi, its my second attempt  *dodging the question*

N: na btao..i’ll find it, i know your roll number…its next to mine 😀

pinky: ok, whatever…now let me pray *ayat ul kursi* *asma-ul-husna* etc


our pain-in-the-neck  driver was being overly nice during exams….he would launch into 5 minute long, loud prayers whenever he saw me (before and after the paper)…now if you know bash (bashir), he is not exactly considerate type…for one thing he complains loudly whenever we ask him to do something after 2 pm…(dad has spoiled him by granting him early leave, every day of the year)…he hates it when we travel to more than 2 sectors in a day…he resents it when you give him less than his due share in  your scholarship….when i won 1lac PKR ( i spent most of it on 2010 css attempt, i gave my sisters 5000 each) i gave Bash 2000 rupees,,judging from his reaction, it was nowhere near enough..knowing him, he was prolly hoping for 50/50 split 😆

so i was a bit surprised at his sincere-sounding prayers…preoccupied with last minute prep n prayers, i just expressed my gratitude and made a mental note of giving him more than 2k this time….but as Lt Aldo Raine said in Inglorious Basterds “we hear a story too good to be true… it ain’t. ”

yesterday he asked me to beseech my dad to have his son hired for a job in FIA!! no dad is not recruiting, his batchmate is…*sigh*  this coming from a guy who has served with baba for more than eight years now…dad is no safarshi, he should have considered that….i m kinda sad……the selfishness of those prayers, the wrong assumption about my angelic dad & the absolute genuineness of his love for his son…


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