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parchay warchay


done with 9 papers, 3 to go…

had a really Really great time! 😀 ..and i think i did a pretty above average job this can’t talk in absolute terms in competitive exams, but as compared to my own performance in the last attempt, this one is wayyyy better…so far so good…Alhamdulilah…

so much so that my neighbours in the examination hall are congratulating me..haha…a girl on my right praised my writing speed and my knawlij 😉  (most candidates in the hall measure u on the basis of the number of sheets u consume)    the guy behind me went overboard.after two days of zero communication, he launched the third day with

aap kuch dikhati nahi ho, plz objectives dikha daina“. he said that with such familiarity as if we had played chuupan chupayi & kho kho back in our childhood..

pinky:”For God’s sake, its islamiat! at least dont cheat in islamiat!“..”aur waisay bhi what if i am a nalaiq loser? ”

N dude: *snort* yeah right….i have seen all your papers..i even borrowed one of your headings about public accounts committee…you are anything but nalaiq

now i hate to admit it, but i was a bit flattered….and a lil horrified “you WHAT?!! how would it appear to the examiner? two people with same headings?!

N: hehe..relax! i only copied the heading..i had no idea what to write underneath it…whats your name? i would brag to ppl that i knew her when the result comes out

pinky *not flattered this time”:  you can never be sure about allocations…waisay bhi, its my second attempt  *dodging the question*

N: na btao..i’ll find it, i know your roll number…its next to mine 😀

pinky: ok, whatever…now let me pray *ayat ul kursi* *asma-ul-husna* etc


our pain-in-the-neck  driver was being overly nice during exams….he would launch into 5 minute long, loud prayers whenever he saw me (before and after the paper)…now if you know bash (bashir), he is not exactly considerate type…for one thing he complains loudly whenever we ask him to do something after 2 pm…(dad has spoiled him by granting him early leave, every day of the year)…he hates it when we travel to more than 2 sectors in a day…he resents it when you give him less than his due share in  your scholarship….when i won 1lac PKR ( i spent most of it on 2010 css attempt, i gave my sisters 5000 each) i gave Bash 2000 rupees,,judging from his reaction, it was nowhere near enough..knowing him, he was prolly hoping for 50/50 split 😆

so i was a bit surprised at his sincere-sounding prayers…preoccupied with last minute prep n prayers, i just expressed my gratitude and made a mental note of giving him more than 2k this time….but as Lt Aldo Raine said in Inglorious Basterds “we hear a story too good to be true… it ain’t. ”

yesterday he asked me to beseech my dad to have his son hired for a job in FIA!! no dad is not recruiting, his batchmate is…*sigh*  this coming from a guy who has served with baba for more than eight years now…dad is no safarshi, he should have considered that….i m kinda sad……the selfishness of those prayers, the wrong assumption about my angelic dad & the absolute genuineness of his love for his son…


Barmy Act


just when i started contemplating practical (albeit small) steps to mount a campaign against army act (from online petitions (and twitter tagging of every journalist n media person known to mankind) to a small dharna in front of parliament building here in islamabad) help came from unexpected quarters…yup, Ex-servicemen called for amending Army Act today …although in their case, it isnt primarily a concern for the missing baloch people, nah! they are merely concerned about the image of their saintly organization as they believe “this ‘misuse’ was damaging the repute of the army”  but lets not pick holes in this dramatic development…in fact the moment calls for shukranay k nawafil…dair se ayi per aqal aa he gayi…ahl-e-watan ko ye mubarak (aur nayab) lamha boht boht mubarak..

oh and here is the proof of my intense dislike for this army act #Baloch missing ppl case

ha!..unless the government repeals army act of 1952 (at least its amendment of year 2007), army enjoys complete legal immunity for all these acts (detentions, disappearances etc).. 2007 amendment was given effect from January 2003 by cunning Musharraf to legitimise the illegal acts of intelligence agencies..i dont think any judge can do anything about these missing people case AS LONG AS this act remains….
so if the government wants to convince us that it’s serious about Balochistan, it needs to amend this law ASAP!!!

dated Feb 20, 2012 – 8:19PM

wanna know more about this notorious act? read

Army act 1952 challenged

The amendment in the Army Act is missing persons specific

civilians can be court martialled_army act ammended

and then they expect us to love them unconditionally…pshaw

btw i am also thinking about ending up on missing list myself (see, balochistan appears far off to “mainstream” pakistanis..when some disappearances will take place nearer to home it might jolt them into action)…any idea how to bring that about??

Daughterly Love


yesterday while my dad’s presentation was being dissected by (the pro-musharraf) Army apologists and the Zardari bashers, my sole concern was about my baba’s well being..My sisters and i watched, aghast, as dad’s boss kept on interrupting him throughout the 2 hours!!..and we kept on worrying about how tired his legs must have been from standing for so long…and how parched his lips & throat must have been from speaking for hours on one in the sindh assembly had the decency to offer him a glass of water 😦

and then as usual, the blame game started and news websites were deluged with expressions of dismay (mostly about zardari walking scott free) and defence of musharraf  (yeah, we all know what a fluffy lil innocent bunny he was)

so, while i was supposed to be preparing for my exam which is only a couple of days ago , the Police supporter and the baba defender in me leapt to his defence once more…its tragic how i am still alone in their defence after SO  many years….*sigh* i have lost count of the comments i posted (a couple of them under pseudonym..hehe)  and the emails i sent….then i read something disturbing on Naheed safdar’s twitter account so i even had to make an account myself placate her and dispel her misunderstanding

here are some of my gems from yesterday

guys, you can speculate about the involvement of zardari all you want but the fact is that not even a shred of evidence exists against him..NOT EVEN CIRCUMSTANTIAL you want the JIT to go ahead and arrest him, just because you dont like the guy??? yeah, because thats how law works…gut feelings, fantasies, allegations, speculations…….Cui bono?you say?,yes, after her death Zardari became president but that doesnt automatically make him the murderer….motives come in many forms, and BB was a leader with loads of enemies.

like my dad said (read the eloquent urdu translation by jang given below)


as for the integrity of the officer in charge of the investigation, let there be no doubt that he is one of the most honest police officers around!!

Dawn, one of the most reliable newspapers of pakistan had this to say about him_“the incumbent head of the JIT — Khalid Qureshi, an independent-minded grade 20 officer of good reputation

Jang, another major Urdu newspaper paid tribute to his moral uprightness in the following news item.


Admittedly,the investigation consumed a lot of time. but when you consider the lack of sufficient cooperation from Army and the intelligence agencies, one cant help admiring the perseverance of these officers. i think JIT has done a pretty decent job of implicating those who were directly involved (Mehsud and his underlings) and those who were culpable (Saud aziz, Musharraf etc)…
Well Done, officers!!!


waisay a challan (charge sheet) against a General?!(even a retired one) thats got to be a first!!! 😀

even Supreme court is merely inviting major-ranked army officers! ;p good to know that our police is not cowering before the army 🙂 🙂

Police Service of Pakistan,Paindabad!


this one was to a teacher who is a son of a retired Naval officer

i TOTALLY understand your devotion to the armed forces, i have the same maniac regard for police (imagine that!)..

but i just wanted to give you an insider scoop….whatever the flaws of this investigation (i bet there would be some).my dad is NOT a government stooge..he is a drop dead honest, patriotic and an extremely devoted cop….ask ANY decent cop you know, he will confirm this 🙂  i know you didnt like the part about mush ;p ;p  but JIT didnt accuse him of murder!!!  Mush and saud azeez etc have merely been deemed “culpable”..and you have to admit the part about saud azeez accepting a junior post in pindi, the fact that he  conveniently lost his cell, the fact that he offered to reveal the real conspirators behind the incident only to backtrack later, the fact that someone ordered him to wash the crime scene within 90 minutes (while the crime scene of mush’s attack was preserved for THREE days, as baba revealed) make it darn suspicious


dear @NaheedNSafdar,u r mistaken, JIT hasnt deemed U culpable. it was RMalik who was casting aspersions on ur role.police never blamed u


this one was to my friend Mohsin (who is also into CSS like me)

er you didnt hear my dad’s presentation??? so i am not answering your questions   #exercise in futility

what “why naheed safdar?” !!! :@ :@ had you actually bothered to read the report (or atleast the news) you would have learnt that JIT report didnt even mention her!!! it was rehman malik who was casting aspersions on her #PPP internal strife…and rehman malik is a politician NOT a police officer with least that was the case last time i checked

 er and my dad didnt say musharraf ordered her murder he said he was “culpable”..which basically means; translated in laymanese for you  that he knew about the plot but he did nothing to prevent it, in fact tried to facilitate the act by allowing lax security and (possibly) hindered the investigation  by ordering instant washing of the crime scene through his sidekicks DG MI or DG IB (both army officers)
and thats aiding n abetment for you..or c.u.l.p.a.b.i.l.i.t.y

i just want those of you who are my old friends to pray for my dad…trust me, he is a very good man and an even better officer…(you dont have to take my biased word for it, consult dawn and jang (links given above)),…

PS: imagine having a douchebag for a boss 😆

Saraiki Sooba


i think now i have a fair inkling what the anti-partition Indian Muslims must have experienced at the hands of pro-partition muslims…the allegations of betrayal,the accusations of defection to ‘the other side’ etc…and i am NOT even opposed to the idea of creation of saraiki sooba!!!..i just want people to convince me that it will change our circumstances  for the better…

so this exchange took place on ET’s post Seraikistan is our right

Pinky Jan 20, 2012 – 2:16PM

tussaan gaal changi kitti ai 🙂 ;p per ai dassao ;
whats the guarantee that attaining the status of a province will reduce the disparity and address all the grievances of the province??! last time i checked Balochistan was a province too.. having that status didn’t do much good to its cause, did it?
yes, i belong to saraiki belt, and YES i want the socio ecomonic deprivation of my people to end, but that can be done within the existing framework too…
just saying ;p

and in doing so, i invoked the wrath of a fellow saraiker ;p
Qaisrani  Jan 20, 2012 – 2:33PM


D’not you know how it will decline our Naive.Let me enumerate here few of them.

1)We d’not have any representation in federal jobs.In CSS,Judiciary,army every share is enjoyed by Punjabis.
2)For little work to be done,we have to move to Lahore??Why so.
3)All the provincial level jobs are also taken by Cental Punjab.Check Punjab Public Service COmmission website for yoour own satisfaction and look att he domicles who are being given jobs by them. Why so??
4)AT the name of entry test system in medical college and Engineering Universities,they have marginalized our students from getting higher Education.
5)Systematic annihilation of Saraiki language.Punjabi as subject is being taught in D G Khan and Rajanput too.Why so??

and the list of grievances goes on and on.

Long Live Saraikistan.Long Live Pakistan.

But yours truly happens to be a very relentless & talkative adversary 😀

Pinky  Jan 20, 2012 – 3:06PM

“D’not you know how it will decline our Naive”
hehe..where in my comment did i divulge my naivety about the possibility of a dramatic change in our fortune in the event of getting a province? you completely ignored my point about Balochistan, didnt you? ;p

1) you are wrong when you say “We d’not have any representation in federal jobs” “,army every share is enjoyed by Punjabis. correct me if i am wrong, but until further notice arent we, the Saraiki ppl, Punjabis ourselves?! so the quota for Punjab which admittedly is considerable considering its population, doesnt exactly exclude saraiki punjabis, does it?..Cheer up, it encompasses us!…the 50 percent quota punjab has in CSS, includes you and me…(i am taking a (really) Wild guess here but i believe you are from 39th CTP, DMG, arent you? ;p)

2) genuine concern…so if a branch of provincial headquarters is opened at Multan, you will welcome it, right? 🙂

3) oh please..leave the domicile argument alone..anyone can get a domicile of ANY province in pakistan..dont tell me you havnt heard of the abuse of Sindh domicile in FPSC naive! ;p

4) er..sorry cant relate to youngest sister is enrolled in Rawalpindi medical college and has a domicile of Muzaffargarh…its all about merit, isnt it? if all the top slots are taken up by saraiki ppl, no one will deny them admission 🙂 i promise ;p

5) whoa! dont be so dramatic @ Systematic annihilation….at most you can say its being ignored…ok, fair enough…lets introduce it as a subject too…happy?

and so does the list of solutions ;p friends? 🙂
Pakistan Zindabad
Pakistan Police Paindabad

apparently my brand of logic didnt leave room for anything but senseless sarcasm



I agree with each and every point of your discussion.How naive we Saraikis are that we d’not know that 50 CSS share of Punjab is directed towards us.In Judiciary,Media,Military we are over represented.How good our Punjabi brothers are that they have given us every thing?Still we are racist and not thankful to them despite their love and sacrifices.Pity on us.

(Between this,i am not that Qaisrani who has been selected in 39 common last year).


kia banay ga humara!



we won! we won!  this is the second good news of the year!!….(first one is even better, will share it later (lengthy post!) )

i thoroughly enjoyed the twitter commentary by perfect strangers @ #PakvsEng. 😆
RT @HarrisDenver: Remember today as the day that Pakistan made India happy

Shaikh_SZ .da rational part of me wnts 2 drop my grudge n accept Misbah. But I’m Pakistani, so…for now ill pass all the credit to ajmal

M_Usman24  : Pakistan neh goron ko Lal , pila, nila kar diyah… #PakvsEng

Brashna  : Saeed Ajmal cricket ranks : ODI – Pehla … T20 – Doosra … Test – Teesra 😛
Suhail Warraich se ruju kurain RT @SamiSaayer Jeenay ke hain chaar din aur. 1st Test ke sirf teen. Kya ye khulla tazaad nahin hai? #PAKvsENG
Brashna Broady must be telling Adnan to drop her catches n she’ll go out for a date with him 😛 #LoveBirds #PakvsEng
Brashna Broad is cheating both on Gul n Adnan 😐 Gul will never take her wicket, he is trapped in her fake love 😦 #BroadTheCruelWoman #PakvsEng
Brashna  Breaking news ; Broad cancelled the date with Adnan n Umar 😛 #PakvsENg




Bad Judges


no, i am not talking about our superior judiciary…(though admittedly, the holier than thou airs of that judge dont sit too well with me considering that he WAS guilty of getting his incompetent son inducted in police illegally..filthy hypocrite/ honourable judge!)

but i digress..

i was merely saddened and offended by the comments about those poor girls who died in a stampede at a concert recently…on nearly every forum where this news was posted, pious angels descended from heaven itself to tut-tut at the depravity of the departed souls..tauba Astaghfar, they died at a CONCERT?!…pakistan aik islami mulk hai, college ko concert karana he nai chahiye tha…maa baap ki ghalti hai, na bhaijte..Allah bachaye aisi maut se…etc

read the comments on the given link ^…press ctrl+F and search for RIP (Rest in peace)..your search would draw a blank….

why such limited sympathy for the innocent departed souls?  did they die with suicide vests on, after blowing up other innocent humans?? No..Did they commit some (real or imagined) blasphemy?? No..were they involved in antistate activities of some sort? No..foreign Spies? Murderers? Thiefs? NO…they were attending a haram concert listening to haram music!!!!!!

How easily it comes to some people to judge others!!


and what if the one labelled as “bad character/ bad muslim” by them is actually a decent muslim?? (as in he/she performed all the major obligations, 5 prayers a day, zakat and charity, Hajj, roza etc)).. wouldnt the whole judging thing backfire spectacularly in the faces of these judges of character??

Allah says: “And those who malign believing men and women undeservedly bear upon themselves the guilt of slander and a manifest sin.” [Sûrah al-Ahzâb: 58]

The Prophet MHMD said: “The most prevalent kind of usury [riba] is going to lengths in talking unjustly against a Muslim’s honor.” 

The Prophet MHMD said: “Everything of a Muslim is sacred to a Muslim: his property, honor, and blood”


once a companion of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) killed a guy on a battlefield, even though he had shouted out “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul-lullah,” yet that sahabi struck and killed the man anyway. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, heard of this and strictly interrogated his companion , “Did you kill him after he said it (the Shahadah)!?”  He replied, “Oh Messenger of Allah, he only said it our of fear of the sword.” Prophet (PBUH) inquired,“Did you look into his heart?! 

so those of us who dont know about the matters of heart (and none of us do) should abstain from judging the piety (or the lack thereof) of others..

i hope i am not being guilty of the offence i am condemning…i just want all of us to leave the unenviably diificult task of judgement to our All-knowing Allah….just by looking at someone’s dress,appearance, or a single act which appears questionable to our sanctimonious sensibilities, we cant possibly declare anyone a good or a bad muslim….

Baying for coup


almost sixty percent of the populace is :@

most of the problems Pakistan is facing have been created during miltary rule. The continuation of feudalism, corruption, religious extremism and uneven distribution of national wealth has been overseen by the miltary. Therefore, asking the miltary to come back and clean the mess reminds one of Mir Taqi Mir’s famous verse:

Mir sada hain keh bemar hoey jis ke sabab;

Usi attar ke londe se dawa mangte hain.

(Mir is a simpleton. He is taking medicine from the chemist’s boy who caused the illness in the first place)

________Dr Manzur Ejaz

i dont get all!!

how would you feel about a health policy finalized by aeronautical engineers..your roads & bridges planned by orthopedic surgeons…your dress & jewellery designed by top cops and your kids taught by famous actresses, your house painted by a phd professor, your airplanes flown by expert motormechanics??

see? even if all of these chosen ones turn out to shining stars in their own fields, they cant possibly be equal to the task..simply because they are neither qualified nor trained for it…yes, i know the institution in question as a whole, has almost 33 yr experience, but that died (or fled) with the experienced ones!!!..those paranoid, megalomaniac tough guys who believed in micromanaging things themselves didnt exactly groom heirs for succession, did they?
oh but look at the present mess! anyone is better than these corrupt “elected” bloody civilians....
if they are corrupt, which admittedly they are  (Hajj scam,NICL scandal, PSM, PR, RPP case etc)  let the system punish them through legal process (isnt the judiciary already breathing down their necks?)  and through a lil something called “elections”..ever heard of them? they are like really frequent exercises where ordinary people go and stamp on colourful papers to choose lesser of the available evils…and coincidentally thats exactly what you are, my men in the black boots :/
if my country has become a pariah in the world today accused of double dealing, you wont have to look too far to see who is responsible..who died and made all of you de facto foreign minister?.if i sound bitter there is a reason for it.those who claim to be ever vigilant to gouge off evil eyes with evil designs against my homeland cant even protect their own men and bases..somehow their costly guns cant shoot down the drones infringing upon the very sovereignty they have sworn to protect “at all cost”  but their aim always has this deadly accuracy when its directed at their angry compatriots..think B…..Bangladesh?! come on!…we have moved on!!  we have another battle yard these days….yes, when we are not playing pretend in the northern areas, we are drilling holes in the southern one…
Men at their Best?  or Men at their Best?

PTI fever


the laxity of my immune system has resulted in a mild case of PTI fever…
symptoms: i find myself coining complicated political slogans like

aayi aayi aayi aayi

sometimes these slogans are accompanied by bouts of clapping..but otherwise, i am perfectly normal thank you

universal appeal


*sigh*i should have learnt to shape my eyebrows myself..

last sunday i dragged myself to a parlour (that wasnt my regular one)…utterly taken with their showbiz lights (the ones they have in those green rooms, bulbs around the mirror n all) i sat there glued to the chair, mesmerized with the scene in the mirror *dreamy look*..m telling you, if you want the answer of who is fairest of them all in affirmative, deploy at least six bulbs around your favourite will do the trick 😉 khair so engrossed was i, that i barely registered the entry of a uniformed girl in the background…

next thing i knew, my head was being made to recline in the standard eyes were in a state of mutiny, determined to feast on the splendid sight for as long as they could…but then
something happened
and even my movie star look was lost to my mind

i felt a hand on my exposed neck..most tender….misplaced sense of self-importance that i have always harboured first led me to the conclusion that i was being assasinated!!! i mentally searched the instruction manual for the situation; offer the kalma, offer the kalma!..oh great,i know first 5…twisted that i am, i started with the last one..forgot it midway, switched to 4th confused it with ayat-ul-kursi..*sigh* NO wait!! if this were an actual assassination attempt, i would have been dead by now,,no?

so what was it? i admit my eyebrows are a bit on the heavy side, kinda keira knightlish, but still they were never that problematic to metastasize to my neck!!…but then what on earth were those hands doing on my neck?? it felt like a er caress…(i used “felt” because erm admittedly i have never been really caressed to know for sure *sheepish*..unless, ofcourse, you count the visual and the virtual ones)

tha!!!! the penny dropped.

i glanced back and sure enough her top two buttons were nowhere in sight and the third was not really putting up a fight….and i bolted…


btw, my interest in the books instead of quadrupling is on the wane…yeah, i am undertaking far more productive exercises these days…like self portraiting..hehe, these days visitors to my room are treated to sights that rank disparately along the continuum between hilarious and obnoxious…


yeah i know..the blog is totally going to the dogs..but then, it was never known for quality in the first place 😀

i love med students


seriously they have the best sense of humour in the world!!! and i have a natural affinity for clowns..

the OSPE,(Objective structured practical examination) {pronounced ospee} that my kid sister takes features interacting with a live patient..usually a helper from the medical college….so in one such test, they had to record the ECG of an old man (a maali of the college) sister who was the last in line to check the ECG, asked her friend, “saddy, a quick recap plz, where exactly are we supposed to attach the electrodes to his body?”……

“jahan budhay ki body pe pehle se chutkiyon k nishan hon, wahan” came the bored reply.
😆 😆